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Rihanna’s Hair Care Line Sparks Conversation on Natural Hair

With a focus on versatility, Rihanna’s new hair care line aims to cater to every hair type while challenging beauty standards

Courtesy of Instagram, @fentybeauty-Rihanna’s Hair Care Line Sparks Conversation on Natural Hair

After Rihanna announced her highly anticipated Fenty Beauty hair care line, there has been much commentary around the creative choice of featuring her with a wig in promotional images. Announcing the new brand last week, Rihanna shared on Instagram that this venture was a natural progression of her business and a beauty category close to her heart. “You know how much switching my hair up matters to me,” she wrote. “I’ve had almost every texture, color, length – from weaves to braids to natural – so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair, which is what we truly need!”

Courtesy of Instagram, @fentybeauty

At the launch event, Rihanna showed up sporting her short blonde natural locks. Her hairdresser, Yusef Williams, styled Rihanna’s honey-blond tresses in a curly crop. She looked radiant in an all-red leather ensemble, but her look stirred up a lot of questions. Some wondered if her choice to wear her natural hair was influenced by online criticism. Similar discussions arose when Beyoncé launched Cécred, with people speculating about her natural hair and questioning the quality of her products because she often wears wigs. In response, Beyoncé posted a video on Instagram showing her hair washing process and her natural hair, which received much praise.


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In contrast, Rihanna faced some backlash for having short hair, while Beyoncé received praise for her long, bleached blowout. This discrepancy led some users to claim that the narrative created around their hair seemed anti-black. Rihanna has openly shared her turbulent hair journey, particularly regarding postpartum hair loss and finding confidence with her natural hair. She reiterated the importance of hair versatility in her caption, emphasizing that her new line aims to cater to every hair need while strengthening and repairing all hair types.


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Rihanna’s vision for Fenty Hair is truly inclusive, positioning it as “haircare for all” with products that are “clinically tested to repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth, and protect.” This comprehensive approach reflects her commitment to addressing the diverse needs of her audience. The brand promises a wide range of products, from styling to straightening, relaxing, and waving products, as well as hair color and hair glitter. This breadth of offerings highlights Rihanna’s dedication to providing solutions for every hair type and styling preference.

Courtesy of Instagram, @fentybeauty

The conversation around Rihanna’s natural hair at the launch event highlights the ongoing dialogue about natural hair in the beauty industry. While Rihanna’s short, natural look sparked debate, it also highlighted the importance of authenticity and the challenges celebrities face in balancing personal expression with public expectations. Rihanna’s transparency about her hair journey, including the struggles and triumphs, adds depth to the Fenty Hair narrative, making it more relatable to her fans.

Fenty Hair is poised to make a significant impact on the hair care market. Rihanna’s personal connection to the products and her commitment to inclusivity set the brand apart. As the line rolls out, it will be interesting to see if it can promote a more inclusive and accepting attitude towards all hair types and styles.

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