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  • Isamaya Ffrench Launches ‘Chalice’ Lipstick

    Isamaya Ffrench, the boundary-pushing makeup artist renowned for her bold and controversial creations, is once again shaking up the beauty industry with the launch of a new shade in her infamous penis-shaped lipstick collection. Following the success of her previous vivid red, sheer black, and pink editions, Ffrench introduces “Chalice” – a metallic, multi-dimensional gold […] More

  • Off-WhiteTM x Isamaya French Rethinking Fragrance to Empower Expression

    With the launch of five new genderless fragrances, Off-White™ has expanded its Off-White™ Beauty products, specifically its signature fragrance line, Off-White™ SOLUTIONS. As a component of the larger Off-White™ Beauty philosophy, which seeks to enable all individuals and generations to express themselves and celebrate their potential, Off-White  SOLUTIONS proposes that its perfumes be interpreted as […] More