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  • How to Recreate Hailey Bieber’s Viral Sugarplum Fairy Makeup Look

    The viral Sugarplum Makeup look by Hailey Bieber, which gained popularity on TikTok, embodies a fantasy-inspired style perfect for adding a touch of magic to your beauty routine. This look is all about soft, enchanting shades and textures, including soft pink eyeshadows, dreamy blushes, and glossy plum lips. MAKEUP A key feature is the icy […] More

  • Achieving the “No Makeup” Makeup Look: A Guide to Effortless Beauty

    The “no makeup” makeup look has become a beauty phenomenon, where the goal is to appear fresh-faced, radiant, and flawlessly natural, all while concealing any imperfections. It’s a style that emphasizes enhancing your features without looking overly made up. MAKEUP Achieving this seemingly effortless aesthetic takes a bit of artistry and the right techniques. So, […] More

  • Blagdanska Eksplozija Sjaja by Michael David Adams for GloriaGlam Magazine

    Blagdanska Eksplozija Sjaja – Photographer Micheal David Adams captures this magnificient holiday beauty series for the December 2013 issue of Croatian GloriaGlam Magazine. The fresh faced Marija Piskac @ MC2 showcases a range of glittery metallic makeuo looks by makeup artist Viktorija Bowers. Hairstyles are courtesy of Radmila Borkovic. Take a look at the complete series below. More