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4 Beauty Tips Guys Should Steal from Girls

Although many guys are notorious for complaining about the amount of time that it takes their girlfriends/wives to get ready for a date, the truth is that more and more guys are starting to care a lot more about their appearance. Years ago, the idea of a man shaping his eyebrows or wearing concealer to cover a zit would have been ludicrous, but thanks to increased equality and the rise of ‘metrosexuality’, guys these days have a whole wealth of new options to help them always look their best. So, which tips can your man steal from your own beauty regime?

Dressing Sharply

Fussing over what to wear is no longer a luxury reserved only for the ladies. In fact, men have been purchasing suits from stores such as for longer than we’d care to remember, and there’s a damn good reason for it. After all, who doesn’t love a man in a really good quality, well cut formal suit? There’s something quite dashing and masculine about a guy who dresses to impress, for sure.

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On to the beauty side of things, more and more guys these days are understanding the importance of moisturising well. After all, dry, flaky skin and itchiness isn’t just something that’s reserved for females, and with beards and stubble to shave, guys are probably more likely to suffer from this affliction than girls. With a whole range of masculine moisturising products and beard oils to choose from offered by a number of reputable cosmetics companies, there’s no reason why your guy should ever have to suffer from dry or itchy beard problems ever again.

Covering Up Dark Circles

Whilst girls can easily cover up dark circles under their eyes after a restless night with a quick pop of concealer, for years, guys have had to deal with going out with bags under their eyes to give away the fact that they’ve been up half the night. But, who’s going to know if he takes a bit of concealer from your make up bag? The right amount at the right shade is going to blend perfectly and nobody will ever know that he’s hiding dark circles under a perfectly fresh looking face. Or, eye revitalising products and balms are available from plenty of man-friendly brands, so do your guy a favour and treat him to a refreshing eye treatment to fight off any tell-tale signs of fatigue.


Facial Cleanses

Whilst girls obsess over making sure that they don’t have clogged pores and ensure that blemishes such as zits and blackheads are avoided at all costs, guys have had little choice but to simply get on with it. But, who says that guys can’t avoid unsightly blemishes too? With a number of deep facial cleansing products available from plenty of man-friendly brands these days, this is one tip that you can give your guy which he’ll definitely thank you for.

Guys may not yet have all the makeup and grooming options that girls have, but there’s nothing to stop them from taking as many tips as they like in order to look their absolute best!

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