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The Most Common Mistakes Nail Salons Make

Nail salons and nail bars, just like their counterparts in the hair and makeup industry, have an elaborate method of processing clients. It starts with a greeting and proceeds to offering recommendations for the potential customer, providing the service and kindly thanking the customer for their service. Although most nail specialists don’t see it, this method is flawed, as the is no incentive to book another visit. So what can nail techs do keep customers coming back?

First impressions last

Everyone knows that making a positive first impression is vital for lasting relations. Beauty businesses with this goal in mind get far – they make sure the client feels welcome and offer something to drink, and recommend services best suited for that particular customer. Although ensuring the customer is relaxed is important, you should take it a step further. Having a list of first-time customer offers is a perfect idea for tying them to your salon, or better yet, recommend that they subscribe to your newsletter for additional offers and news on any upcoming events happening at the business. Although the customer will happily accept a cup of coffee, going beyond this ensures that you create a more lasting bond.

Effective customer feedback is a must!

Receiving positive feedback from customers is a perfect moral booster for salon teams – as they work hard to ensure that clients are pleased with their new look. But did you know that most nail salons don’t effectively encourage customers to leave feedback on their experiences? Simply asking a client to leave a review just isn’t enough. Sure, some customers will go out of their way to leave you an excellent review, but more often than not they come home and tend to other tasks at hand, forgetting about leaving you a nice comment. Instead, nail salons have taken collecting reviews to a whole new level – all with the help of automatic tools. The solution? Software for nail salons, which automatically sends customers a review request they can open and leave their feedback, all from their phone. This not only makes collecting feedback a piece of cake, the salon staff can share it on social media pages. Best of all, the salon owner can encourage customers to leave feedback by providing nice offers once their review is visible online.

Creating customer loyalty

Although a client may be pleased with a particular nail bar’s servicing, they may still decide on visiting competition. Most nail bars are indifferent to this, however, what happens when the competitor’s business becomes more appealing to them? In this case, even offering a discount won’t be enough to bring these customers back. So how exactly can should nail salons maintain customer loyalty? With the help of an aptly-named loyalty program!

This program allows customers to collect points based on particular actions (recommendations, leaving feedback, purchases, etc.), which they can use to choose prizes at the salon. They’ll be enticed to visit the salon more often in order to get closer to winning that desired prize, instead of trying out other nail bars, letting you rest easy.

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