Dermapen: an Effective Treatment for a Variety of Skin Troubles

This blog post will explore how professional dermapen microneedling treatments can make a difference in your life

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Microneedling is an effective treatment for a variety of skin troubles. If you are looking to improve the appearance and health of your skin, then professional dermapen microneedling treatments may be exactly what you need! Microneedling can help with wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, sun damage, acne scarring, and more. This blog post will explore how professional dermapen microneedling treatments can make a difference in your life!

What is a Dermapen treatment and how does it work

The Dermapen is a small, hand-held device that uses hydraulic pulses to create microinjuries in the skin, causing new collagen production below the skin’s surface and new blood circulation.

The Dermapen stimulates natural collagen production by creating damages at the cellular level. With repeated treatments, this build-up of collagen can result in smoother and firmer skin tone as well as pigmentation improvement. Some people also see improvements in their acne scars and stretch marks. Acne scars improve because dark pigment acne scars would be removed by irritated white pigment cells sending over more cells to overcompensate for the scratches and light will finally reflect off these scratched cells making them less visible or noticeable

Conditions that can be treated with a Dermapen treatment

Dermapen treatment stimulates the skin’s natural healing process. Conditions that can be treated with a dermapen treatment include wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and scarring from surgery or injuries. Dermapen treatments work by tapping needles into the upper layer of your skin in order to stimulate collagen production. Dermapens are also able to remove any bands of hard tissue – such as fat deposits due to liposuction – left behind in the surgical area. Along with traditional drug treatments for treating precancerous cells or cancer cells, dermabrasion can be highly effective in removing lesions or other safely-to-excise skin conditions like actinic keratosis.

Benefits of the procedure

The Dermapen is a revolutionary treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, facial hyperpigmentation, skin laxity, textural dermatologic issues. In fact, the first form of cutaneous resurfacing has been approved by the FDA to treat marks on both face and body. You can use this powerful pen alone or in conjunction with other skincare treatments like injections (Botox) or laser peels.

There are many benefits of undergoing procedures like these including lessening of fine lines; restoration to fullness; “lifting” the appearance of your complexion; minimizing acne scars; diminishing sun spots/age spots/hyper-pigmentation spots; smoothing out rough textured skin areas.

Dermapen an Effective Treatment for a Variety of Skin Troubles
Photography by © Dimitri Fevrier

Side effects of the procedure

Scars from Dermapen may form in the treatment area before it heals. In some cases, a scab is created when the needle withdraws from the skin. In addition, human tissue is sensitive to change and often reacts negatively if there are too many or too deep variations made at one time. Studies have shown that after a series of Dermapen treatments given once every 12 weeks, up to 30% of patients have had temporary hypopigmentation in the treated area for more than two years.

Risks involved in undergoing this procedure

Possible side effects of Dermapen treatment include temporary redness, swelling, and scabbing; the compression of underlying tissues may cause lingering pain or sensitivities. And any wounds left untreated usually heal on their own in a matter of weeks. Risks that are not yet known include infection, permanent scarring, complications from anesthesia, nerve damage that may result in paralysis, or other neurological impairments. For all these reasons you should always have your procedures performed by an experienced dermatologist who has the necessary training to do so.

How to prepare for your first Dermapen treatment

To prepare for your first Dermapen treatment, you must first inform your doctor of all the medications you’re currently taking as well as any medications you have been prescribed to take in the past. You will then need to sign a consent form that meets your doctor’s standards.

Keep in mind also that all tattoos, permanent make-up work, piercings, or hair removal will require an additional 7 days before you can begin any new treatments or services due to increased risk of infection or hematoma.

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