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The Rise of Emrata’s Mob Wife Makeup Look

Reshaping Theatrical Glamour with Emrata’s Signature Look

Courtesy of Hung Vanngo

Recently, the latest trend on TikTok revolves around Emily Ratajkowski‘s makeup style, done by the makeup artist Hung Vanngo, which falls in line with the emerging Mob Wife Aesthetic. This look serves as an evolution of Espresso Makeup, offering a deeper, richer interpretation ideal for the winter season and diverging from the prevailin Clean Girl Aesthetic. The shift towards more dramatic makeup signifies a departure from simplicity.

Courtesy of Hung Vanngo
It seems like a full coverage matte foundation was applied to create a flawless and velvety base for the makeup. Emrata’s brows are meticulously defined using a brow gel and deepened with a darker-toned pencil to frame her face and enhance its structure. Her eye makeup receives special attention, with rich brown eyeshadows selected to amplify depth and dimension. The waterline is carefully lined, and a delicate wing along the upper lid is seamlessly blended for a subtle cat-eye effect. Additionally, Emrata’s lips are accentuated by skillfully overlining them with a deep nude lipliner, creating the illusion of fuller lips, before completing the look with a satin lipstick finish.


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The rise of the Mob Wife aesthetic draws inspiration from iconic fictional characters such as Carmela Soprano, Adriana La Cerva, and roles portrayed by Lorraine Bracco in “Goodfellas.” These characters are often depicted with voluminous hairstyles, bold makeup looks, and distinct fashion choices, contributing to the allure of the aesthetic. This resurgence reflects a broader societal shift away from minimalist beauty ideals as individuals embrace bolder, expressive looks.

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