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Dar(l)ing Beauty by Léa Gendrot for BEAUTY SCENE

Photographer Léa Gendrot teams up with makeup artists Rika Bitton and Maïly Howard and hair stylists Akemi Kishida and Julien Honoré  for a striking BEAUTY SCENE exclusive shoot featuring models Alessandra at DMA Models Agency and Fanny at Up Models. The models are wearing Marion Delarue‘s Jewellery and clothes by Martine Gendrot.

dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot2  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot3  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot4  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot5  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot6  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot7  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot8  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot9  dar(l)ing-beauty-by-leagendrot10

Photographer  Léa Gendrot 
Models  Alessandra at DMA Models Agency and Fanny at Up Models 
Jewellery artis  Marion Delarue 
Fashion designer  Martine Gendrot 
Makeup artists  Rika Bitton and Maïly Howard 
Hair Stylists  Akemi Kishida and Julien Honoré 

Seeing Double by Donte Maurice for BEAUTY SCENE

Vernal Eternal by Piotr Thread for BEAUTY SCENE