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Pat McGrath Transforms Maison Margiela SS24 into a TikTok Obsession

The viral sensation of Maison Margiela’s SS24 Couture beauty by Pat McGrath.

Courtesy of Pat McGrath

Maison Margiela‘s SS24 couture show, held under the allure of a full moon along the Seine, was a display of beauty so breathtaking it could move you to tears. The fashion world has long anticipated the collaborations between John Galliano and legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, each time expecting to be swept away into a world of unparalleled creativity and artistry. This season was no exception, with McGrath delivering makeup looks that embodied devastating romance and magic, perfectly complementing Galliano’s profoundly moving designs.


The beauty at Maison Margiela’s latest couture show has become an obsession on TikTok, with users enchanted by the looks crafted by McGrath. The models’ skin was transformed into a waxy, hyper-glossy complexion reminiscent of living dolls, a beauty feat that has left the internet both intrigued and mesmerized. McGrath’s secret to achieving this look has been the subject of much speculation, with many suspecting the use of a product like Kryolan Liquid Glass to create that silky, smooth finish.


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The makeup didn’t stop at the skin. McGrath sculpted faces with pencil-thin eyebrows drawn into perfect arches, eyeshadows in moody shades of pale blues, lilacs, and dark teals, and murky lips in swampy greys. Yet, amidst this spectral palette, some models were adorned with peachy blushes and blonde curls, transforming them into bohemian cupids. The entire look was a study in contrasts, merging the ghostly with the ethereal, the bohemian with the fin de siècle muse.

The hair, styled by Duffy, added another layer to the otherworldly aura of the show. From Belle Époque styles to merkins peeking out from sheer corseted dresses, the hairdos complemented the makeup to evoke the spirit of le demi-monde, capturing the essence of bohemian artist muses and courtesans with a touch of cabaret.

@isabellrrose my attempt at the iconic @Pat McGrath Labs glass skin makeup look for Maison Margiela haute couture ss24 🖤#glassskin #glassskinmakeup #patmcgrath #maisonmargiela #johngalliano #makeup #makeuptutorial #editorialmakeup ♬ veil – akiaura & Olya Holiday

TikTok users have been obsessed by the beauty looks from the show, with models posting videos of themselves peeling away their “faces,” revealing the transformative power of McGrath’s makeup artistry. The platform has been abuzz with discussions, tutorials, and admiration for the looks, highlighting the widespread appeal and influence of McGrath’s work.

Thanks to McGrath and Galliano’s collaborative genius, our beauty-starved eyes have been sated, and the fashion world reminded of the magical power of couture.

As TikTok continues to buzz with recreations, discussions, and awe over the Maison Margiela SS24 couture makeup, it’s clear that McGrath has once again elevated the runway with her visionary beauty concepts, proving that in the world of high fashion, beauty and artistry know no bounds.

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