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A.P.C. Ventures into Self-Care with a Line of Beauty Products

A.P.C.’s first leap into beauty with a self-care line infused with orange blossom.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

A.P.C., the Parisian fashion house revered for its minimalist and timeless designs, has unveiled its inaugural collection of self-care products. This line, featuring six meticulously crafted items, marks A.P.C.’s first foray into beauty, bringing with it the same ethos of elegance and simplicity that has defined the brand’s fashion offerings.


The collection comprises a sophisticated cologne, a refreshing shower gel, a nourishing body lotion, a hydrating hand cream, a cleansing hand soap, and a soothing lip balm. Each product in the lineup is a testament to A.P.C.’s commitment to quality and its knack for capturing the essence of French style in every creation.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

Jean Touitou, the visionary founder and creative director of A.P.C., reflects on the challenge of achieving the perfect balance in beauty products, a pursuit as demanding and nuanced as in fashion.

“In fashion as in the cosmetics industry, the balance between too much and not enough is difficult to find. It’s a real job. These six products are the best possible. They are designed to make you feel good and comfortable and help you to have a good day”

He proudly asserts that these six items represent the pinnacle of this balance, crafted to enhance daily well-being and imbue users with a sense of comfort and readiness for the day ahead.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

Central to the identity of this new self-care line is the signature scent of orange blossom, a fragrance that long-time A.P.C. enthusiasts may recognize from the brand’s n°4 candle, a staple since 1997. The choice of orange blossom is deeply personal to Touitou, echoing memories of his childhood in Tunisia and the culinary traditions of his mother, Odette. This scent is celebrated not only for its delightful aroma but also for its calming properties, making it a fitting cornerstone for A.P.C.’s body care range.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

Each product is designed to offer a luxurious moment of tranquility amidst the hustle of daily life, whether it’s through a rejuvenating morning shower, a refreshing spritz of cologne, or a quick application of hand cream during a commute. A commitment to natural ingredients is evident, with formulations boasting at least 98 percent natural origins, ensuring that users receive the utmost in skin nourishment and lasting fragrance.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

A.P.C.’s aesthetic is mirrored in the design of the product packaging, which features a sleek black and white palette accented by a mint green label. Each item is adorned with a thought-provoking quote from Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, encapsulating the brand’s philosophy towards this line: a celebration of the body’s inherent beauty and a commitment to providing it with the utmost care.

Courtesy of A.P.C.

This launch not only enriches A.P.C.’s product offering but also reinforces the brand’s dedication to simplicity, quality, and natural beauty. With its roots in fashion and a new venture into beauty, A.P.C. continues to define what it means to embody effortless French style, now through both attire and self-care.

The products are now available at A.P.C.’s official website.

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