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Three Great Ways You Can Protect Your Skin This Winter

Winter is here, and so are the damaging effects that come with it. You never really think about winter in the aspect of taking extra precautions to protect your skin…you just know that it’s cold outside, and you have to wear more clothes than you did in the summer.

Winter weather is notorious for drying out your skin. This affects people with “normal” skin, but it really affects those with already dry skin. Whether type of skin you have, you need to take just as many precautions in the winter, as you do in the summer, to protect your skin, if not more.

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You’ve always known that the sun has damaging effects on your skin in the summer months (with the sun’s UVA and UVB rays), but did you know that the sun still has those effects in the winter? UVA rays don’t have as high of an intensity as UVB rays, but UVA rays are present year round, so sunblock is a must, even in the winter.

The key to skin protection during the winter is prevention. Since we’ve concluded that the winter season has particularly harmful effects on your skin, you have to be proactive, and take preventative measures. If you want to have beautiful glowing skin, in spite of winter’s damaging effects, follow these very effective methods to protect your skin.

Wear Seasonally Appropriate Clothing

It’s time to put up the shorts and flip-flops, and pull out the winter coats and boots. With the weather now being so cold, it’s very important that you wear the proper type of clothing. It will not only protect your skin, but to also keep you warm.

One great way of protecting your skin is to dress in layers. Instead of just putting on a pair of jeans, you should put on a pair of leggings or long johns under your pants. This just adds extra insulation, and provides another buffer against UV rays.

Layering up is especially important for children. Sometimes it helps if you buy their clothes a size or two too big, so that the outfit will fit perfectly when you dress them in layers.This ensures that they can be cute, comfortable, and warm, all at the same time!


Moisturizing is very important in the winter months. You already know to drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin, but you also need to have a moisturizing skin care regimen to retain your skin’s luster.

One great way to topically moisturize your skin is with vitamin E capsules. Vitamin E capsules are filled with vitamin E oil. You can actually take a capsule and burst it open with a safety pin, then squeeze the oil out and rub it on your body. It’s definitely a great source of moisture, in addition to your water intake.

You also don’t want to forget about your lips. Wearing a lip balm aids in preventing your lips from drying out. If they get too dry, they can crack and bleed, and can be both distracting and very painful. If you’re someone who wears lipstick, you want to be sure to look for lipsticks that moisturize; those will have your lips looking good, and keep them nice and soft at the same time.

Drink Plenty Water

For some reason, people don’t drink as much water in the winter as they do in the summer. Cold weather dries your skin, and the fact that your body is made mostly of water is all the more reason why you need to stay hydrated.

With the weather being so cold, we tend to gravitate more towards hot chocolate, hot tea, and soups…anything to keep our bodies warm. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in hot comfort foods to lift your spirits, but as we lose water through sweating, or expelling waste, the only way to truly replenish it is by drinking more water. Doing so will keep your skin nice and hydrated.

Images by Pawel Kocan for Beauty SCENE

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