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Reasons Behind the Rising Costs of Beauty

A recent study looked at the rising costs of beauty, and how much both celebrities, and normal people, are spending on their beauty products. The study makes it clear that we are spending more than ever on how we look. Not just makeup, but also haircare, and other products. But why? Is it just that makeup is more expensive? Or is there more to it?


One of the first reasons we are spending more money on our beauty routines is the same reason we’re spending more on everything else: price rises. The same products today, in many cases, cost a lot more than they did just a few years ago.

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Celebrity Culture

Celebrity is a much bigger thing than it used to be. Celebrities are everywhere. The internet gives us a much greater access to these women. Young people are growing up in this culture. Wanting to look like the women they see online and in magazines, and they’re willing to pay for it.

Social Media

Social media doesn’t just give us a greater access to celebrities, models and beauty vloggers. It also gives us a greater access to photos and videos of normal women, airbrushed and filtered to perfection. This is giving us unrealistic goals to aspire to, leading to us spending extortionate amounts of money attempting to emulate what we see online.

Range of Products

There is quite simply, a much larger choice than ever before. There are products for everything, from a huge range of different brands, in different colours, for different skin types and to suit all budgets. It takes many women up to an hour to put on their makeup and complete their beauty regime each morning, because there is just so much to do. From body brushing, to moisturising, eye cream application, primer, foundation, powder, concealer, highlighter, and so on, and that’s just every day. For a special occasion, there is even more, often from more expensive brands. There has never been a larger range of makeup available, nor has there ever been such a desire to own all of it.

Frequency of Use

We don’t just apply our makeup in the morning when we get ready for the day. We touch it up frequently throughout the day, and add bits for selfies while we’re out, often removing and completely reapplying if we’re going out that evening. All this use means our products need replacing much faster, and over the year, makeup costs much more than it would if we merely used it once a day.

Quest for Youth

A lot of the rising cost of beauty is attributed to younger women. But, older women also play their part. With more products than ever claiming they can make you look younger, many women are on a constant quest for youth, and buying more products to help them get there.

At the end of the day, we wear makeup to make ourselves look and feel better. It can have a fantastic effect on not just how we look, but also our self-confidence, which is worth the expense. To find out more about how much our favourite celebrities are spending on their makeup regimes, see the results of the original study.

Images from: Alina Shemetova by Daniel Scheel for BEAUTY SCENE

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