Kate Winslet Lancome Campaign Behind the Scenes


A sneaky preview of Lancôme's new skincare campaign starring British actress Kate Winslet.

Lancôme's line up of leading ladies, including Julia Roberts, Penelope Cruz and Emma Watson, is a beautiful one. But it's Kate Winslet, six years into her beauty contract with the French cosmetics company, who glows more than any in this new campaign. 

Fitting then that it's for their new Rénergie Multi-Lift Reviva-Plasma skincare – a mouthful maybe, but a promising skin-boosting serum nonetheless which launches today. And if this moody shoot of the 37-year-old English actress defying her years is anything to go by, we of course want what she's having. Serums – traditionally the most potent form of active skincare – are Lancôme's thing, and if you haven't already tried their offering, do. First there was their brightening and plumping Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate, £56, (now a hit with make-up artists and beauty editors) and then there was the smoothing and skin tone correcting Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector, £59, but their latest from the Rénergie range is the one you want for firming and smoothing skin. In a new dry gel formula this wonder serum not only boosts collagen (the fibrous tissue within our skin which keeps it plump and firm) it also revitalises – that's softer, more hydrated, brighter skin to you and me.

Following that new beauty wave of skincare emulating cosmetic treatments, Lancôme were inspired by mesotherapy in the making of Rénergie's new serum Reviva-Plasma. A celebrity favourite treatment to revive, brighten and tighten, mesotherapy involves painless micro-needling on the face to inject vitamins and rehydrating hyaluronic acid back into the skin while triggering natural skin repair.

And after four weeks of using Lancôme's new serum, you'll see (just like we did on our own testing panel) the very same results on your face too – without a needle in sight. Lancome's Rénergie Plasma,is available at Harvey Nichols exclusively from today, and nationwide from April 15.



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