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Prop stylist Lisa Edsalv created a set of tableaux showcasing 1,273 products for FITNESS Magazine’s beauty awards. The mag enlisted a team of dermatologists, hairstylists, makeup artists, and manicurists, along with its own staffers and readers, to select 2013’s top cosmetics, conditioners, skin treatments, self-tanners, and more.

“FITNESS wanted the pictures to look glam and the editors wanted to work with a mirror, which we did for the main shot,” explained Edsalv. “It was a bit difficult to incoporate the mirror into the category shots, so I decided to create stacks of items pouring out … I wanted something exciting to happen! There’s only so much that you can do if you’re going to have all of the products in the frame, and nothing more, nothing less.”

To make a balanced but surprising composition, Edsalv considered which of the award-winners might look good pouring. “We needed to take those out first, so they could lay on their sides,” she said. “I went through two packs of hot glue and used all different kinds of plexi-cubes … I think in one image, there’s eighteen bottles. It’s like putting together a little puzzle, I suppose.”

Though she styles accessories, food, electronics, and furniture, too, Edsalv insisted that she doesn’t prefer one to another: “The most important things are the clients and the photographer, because anything can be fun with the right people. I think it’s all about the people.” And the props, of course.

Photographer: Nick Ferrari
Text: Heather Muir and Molly Ritterbeck

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Source: Bernstein & Andriulli

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