Scorsese and Chalamet Team Up for Chanel’s New Campaign

Iconic filmmaker and rising star team up for a narrative-driven fragrance ad

Courtesy of Instagram, @martinscorsese_-Scorsese and Chalamet Team Up for Chanel’s New Campaign

Chanel‘s latest fragrance campaign for Bleu de Chanel has made waves across the industry, thanks to a short film helmed by the legendary director Martin Scorsese and featuring actor Timothée Chalamet. This project marks the inaugural collaboration between Scorsese and Chalamet, generating significant excitement since its production in New York City last spring. The launch of this eagerly awaited campaign offers audiences a glimpse into the dynamic synergy crafted by these two iconic figures.


During a cover story for GQ in November 2023, Chalamet shared his deep respect for Scorsese, recalling a particularly memorable early morning shoot in Queens. “We were in Queens at four in the morning and he was bounding up the subway stairs,” Chalamet recounted. This experience highlighted for him the rare chance to absorb wisdom from a cinematic giant, even within the unusual setting of a fragrance ad shoot.

The campaign itself is deeply narrative-driven, tailored specifically to resonate with Chalamet’s own experiences and challenges in the limelight. The short film delves into the theme of an actor’s struggle to remain authentic amidst fame, creating a conversation between Chalamet’s artistic journey and Scorsese’s directorial expertise. This narrative focus distinguishes the campaign from traditional fragrance advertisements, seeking to elevate it beyond the norms of the industry.

Courtesy of Instagram, @tchalamet

In a discussion with Vogue, Chalamet reflected on the broader impact of working with Scorsese, revealing how the project intrigued even those outside the fashion world. “He lives and breathes moviemaking,” Chalamet remarked about Scorsese, emphasizing the profound influence their discussions have had on the project. These interactions have infused the campaign with a richness that bridges cinematic art and commercial appeal.

The Bleu de Chanel campaign stands out for its cinematic quality. This collaboration not only captivates a diverse audience but also redefines the potential of what a fragrance campaign can convey, blending storytelling with sensory experience in a truly innovative manner.

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  1. bleu de chanel is neither timothe chalamet nor soho… this is so random. Martin did an amazing job tho

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