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Kylie Cosmetics Launches New Supple Kiss Lip Glaze

The fusion of vibrant colors and innovative Bouncy-Wrap Tech

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics-Kylie Cosmetics Launches New Supple Kiss Lip Glaze

Kylie Cosmetics is setting a new standard in lip care with the launch of the Supple Kiss Lip Glaze, a revolutionary product designed to keep lips looking luscious and feeling hydrated for up to 12 hours. Known for its innovative beauty solutions, Kylie Cosmetics has once again delivered a product that not only enhances shine,  but also prioritizes lip health and comfort.


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The Supple Kiss Lip Glaze stands out with its lightweight formula that offers a cushion-like feel upon application, ensuring that the lips stay soft and smooth throughout the day. This product is perfect for anyone seeking a boost of hydration coupled with a vibrant, multidimensional color payoff. The result is a mirror-like shiny finish that gives the lips a fuller, more voluptuous look.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics
Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Available in six luminous shades, the Supple Kiss Lip Glaze is versatile enough to complement any skin tone and occasion. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement or a bold statement lip, this range has a shade that will meet your needs. The colors have been carefully chosen to ensure they provide a natural, flattering look for a wide array of complexions.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

One of the most exciting features of this new lip glaze is the introduction of the innovative Bouncy-Wrap Tech. This cutting-edge technology envelops the lips in a gel-like glaze that feels incredibly comfortable. The formulation is designed to adapt to the natural contours of the lips, providing a seamless application that lasts all day without feathering or fading.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

The launch is set for May 21st, and anticipation is high. Kylie Cosmetics has consistently led the way in creating trendsetting products that offer both style and substance. The Supple Kiss Lip Glaze is expected to follow in this tradition, providing consumers with a top-tier product that reflects Kylie Jenner’s commitment to quality and innovation in beauty.


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