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Anya Taylor-Joy and Willow Smith Shine in Dior’s Forever Glow Star Filter Campaign

Anya Taylor-Joy and Willow Smith Showcase Forever Glow Star Filter

Courtesy of Dior

Dior‘s latest beauty innovation, the Forever Glow Star Filter, takes center stage in a captivating campaign featuring actresses Anya Taylor-Joy and Willow Smith. Designed to brighten, smooth, and blur the complexion, this multi-use product offers versatility for those seeking a flawless, natural look. Taylor-Joy’s return to Dior following her previous appearance in the Forever Skin Glow ad highlights her ongoing collaboration with the luxury brand , while Smith makes a striking debut, marking a significant moment in her career.


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The Forever Glow Star Filter stands out for its lightweight formula, appealing to individuals who prefer both subtle and glamorous makeup looks. In the promotional visuals, Smith exudes confidence with her bob-length box braids and multiple nose piercings, embodying personal expression alongside Dior’s sophistication. Meanwhile, Taylor-Joy captivates with her signature blonde locks and sparkling silver top, showcasing the product’s radiant effect on the skin.

Courtesy of Dior
Courtesy of Dior

Dior emphasizes the versatility of the Forever Glow Star Filter, highlighting its three distinct applications. Whether used alone for a subtle radiance, mixed with foundation for enhanced brightness, or applied as a targeted highlight after foundation, the product offers flexibility for various makeup preferences and styles. With Taylor-Joy and Smith as the faces of this campaign, Dior celebrates diversity and individuality, inviting beauty enthusiasts to explore new possibilities.


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