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  • Sponsored Video: Beautiful Hair Series by Dove

    Beauty experts at Dove have through the years proven they know how to take care of our skin. Whether its the manufacturing of a simple bar of hand soap, a shower gel or shampoo they have made healthy skin their priority. Familiar with it or not, skin itself is our largest organ – and our hair is […] More

  • Dove uses sketch artist for Real Beauty campaign

    Dove‘s new Real Beauty Campaign is hoping to make women rethink their own beauty. If you’re a woman and looking to feel bad about your body, a good way to go about it is to spend some time staring at beauty ads. So, for its latest ad campaign, Dove decided to conduct a social experiment that explored […] More

  • New Beauty Campaign – Dove Positive Change

    Dove is continuing its decade-long "Real Beauty" campaign with a Photoshop action that seeks to un-airbrush unrealistic images of models. In a released statement and video explaining its campaign, Dove says the goal of the Photoshop file was to target art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers — those responsible for manipulating images – in […] More