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Sponsored Video: Beautiful Hair Series by Dove

Beauty experts at Dove have through the years proven they know how to take care of our skin. Whether its the manufacturing of a simple bar of hand soap, a shower gel or shampoo they have made healthy skin their priority. Familiar with it or not, skin itself is our largest organ – and our hair is an important part of it. The condition of our skin simply affect our overall health. Therefore Dove has introduced the NEW Advanced Hair Series, specially made to suit individual hair types. Knowing there’s more than two or three hair types, Dove hair experts have singled out 90 defining hair characteristics. Natasha, Candi, and Harriet – are the lovely ladies in our today’s video who met for a sit down with the renowned hair expert Tracie Cant.


The ladies had in front of them the already mentioned 90 hair characteristics (or may we call them issues?), and together with Tracie they have selected their own cards. What’s their hair like? Flat, aged, dull, coloured (no doubt one of the main ones), long, dry, swishy, wavey, and one of the most worrisome – thinning.

With a range of new Dove solutions on displays, the girls got to solve their problems with Pure Care Dry Oil range, Youthful Vitality, and Oxygen Moistrue. How did the ladies find their hair type, you can see in the video above. However what’s more important, log on to Dove Beautiful Hair Website to find your own range.

“Your unique hair deserves unique hair products” is the tag line Dove easily selected to represented their new products. What is important is to remove the cliche of a single digit hair types out of our mind. Every person’s hair is a type on it’s own, this approach is not easy to take at first. Nevertheless easily balancing few products, with the help of solutions like the one above will help us find out what is our actual hair type.

This post has been sponsored by Dove, but all thoughts are our own.

Bette Franke

Bette Franke by Cedric Buchet for Glamour US

Sonya Esman

Sonya Esman at Profile Models by Danny Lim