Fendi Launches New Perfume Line Inspired by Family Legacy

Seven Unique Scents: Fendi’s Latest Perfume Collection Captures Family Heritage and Personal Memories

Courtesy of Fendi- Fendi Launches New Perfume Line Inspired by Family Legacy
Fendi has introduced a new collection featuring seven unique perfumes, each designed to reflect the individual personalities and cherished memories of the iconic fashion family. This distinctive initiative combines the essences of various Fendi family members with the creative insights of Kim Jones, crafting fragrances that encapsulate and convey personal stories.


Silvia Venturini Fendi, the artistic force behind Fendi’s menswear and a third-generation matriarch, infuses her essence into the perfume Perché No. This fragrance combines pink pepper, sandalwood, and incense to capture the nostalgic aroma of a white sheet drying under the sun, a simple yet evocative image detailed in the collection’s press release. It’s a scent that promises to bring a piece of Silvia’s world to those who wear it.


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Delfina Delettrez Fendi, Silvia’s daughter, offers a journey to Morocco with Sempre Mio. This perfume harnesses the vibrant zest of orange blossom sourced from Marrakech, conjuring Delfina’s cherished childhood memories in a fresh, citrusy bouquet. In contrast, Leonetta Luciano Fendi draws inspiration from the family’s summer retreats on the island of Ponza. Her contribution, Ciao Amore, melds fig and tonka bean to embody the Mediterranean’s alluring sensuality.

The fragrance family is rounded out by scents dedicated to Anna Fendi, Adele Casagrande Fendi, and twins Tazio and Dardo Vascellari Delettrez Fendi, ensuring each family member’s personality is beautifully bottled. Additionally, Kim Jones, although not a Fendi by blood but no less a family member, adds his own touch with Prima Terra. This scent is a homage to his childhood in Southern and Eastern Africa, reflecting the landscapes and adventures that shaped his early years.

Courtesy of Fendi

Set for release on June 20, both online and in Fendi boutiques, the collection celebrates the personal histories of its creators, but also extends its luxury through elegantly designed fragrance accessories. These include sophisticated leather perfume holders and travel cases, as well as miniature bottles that can be attached to chic, Fendi-branded fragrance keychains for stylish reapplication wherever one may be. This blend of personal touch with luxurious design not only enriches the Fendi brand but also offers an intimate experience.

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