Sol de Janeiro Unveils 2024 Limited Edition Summer Perfume Mists

Indulge Your Senses: Elevate Your Summer with Sol de Janeiro’s Signature Scents

Courtesy of Instagram, @soldejaneiro-Sol de Janeiro Unveils 2024 Limited Edition Summer Perfume Mists

Sol de Janeiro invites you to bask in the scents of summer with their latest release: the 2024 Limited Edition Perfume Mists. Introducing three captivating fragrances—Carioca Crush, Beijos de Sol, and Summer é Amor—each crafted to capture the vibrant essence of Brazilian summer vibes. Get ready to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the warmth, energy, and joy of the season.


@soldejaneiro Say olá to this years limited edition summer perfume mists! 🥥💃🏽💟 Arriving May 11th (May-August internationally)! 🛍️ Available exclusively on our website, @sephora (+@Kohl’s ) + @sephoracanada #soldejaneirosummermists #cariocacrush #beijosdesol #summereamor #soldejaneiro #summermist #soldejaneirosummermist #perfumemist #soldejaneirocheirosa #soldejaneiroperfume #comingsoon #newlaunch #bodymist #limitededition #sdjsummermists #sdjperfumemist #sdj ♬ original sound – Sol de Janeiro

Carioca Crush: Inspired by the bustling energy of Rio de Janeiro’s Avenida Mem de Sá, Carioca Crush captures the essence of a vibrant street scene. With notes of juicy pear, pink violet, and white cedarwood, this fragrance offers a fresh and captivating aroma that’s perfect for everyday wear. Close your eyes and let yourself be transported to the lively streets of Brazil.

Courtesy of Instagram, @soldejaneiro

Beijos de Sol: Are you dreaming of lazy days spent on the beach? Look no further than Beijos de Sol, Sol de Janeiro’s tropical paradise in a bottle. With hints of peach skin, mango nectar, and coconut milk, this fragrance evokes the feeling of warm sand between your toes and the gentle sway of palm trees in the breeze.

Summer é Amor: For those seeking adventure and spontaneity, Summer é Amor is the perfect scent companion. With its blend of creamy almond, tangerine, and orange flower, this fragrance captures the excitement of exploring new places and making memories with friends. Let the aroma of sunkissed woods and vanilla amber inspire your next summer adventure.

Courtesy of Instagram, @soldejaneiro

Whether you’re strolling through the city streets, lounging by the pool, or embarking on a weekend getaway, Sol de Janeiro’s 2024 Limited Edition Perfume Mists are here to make every moment a little more special.

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