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From Roblox to Reality: Fenty Beauty’s New Gloss Bomb

Major Flex, Created by Fans, Shines as the Latest Must-Have Lip Gloss

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty-From Roblox to Reality: Fenty Beauty’s New Gloss Bomb
Last year, participants in the Fenty Beauty Roblox Adventure had the unique opportunity to design their own versions of the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer. They selected their preferred ingredients, effects, bottle designs, lid styles, and applicators, then named their creations and displayed them in the virtual retail space called the “Sephora Experience.” The most popular product, voted by the community, has now inspired this year’s winning Gloss Bomb.
Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

This year’s winning creation, the result of last year’s interactive and engaging process, embodies the creativity and preferences of Fenty Beauty’s dedicated fan base. Participants’ input and votes were instrumental in shaping the new Gloss Bomb, demonstrating Fenty Beauty’s commitment to involving its community in product development.


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The Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer is renowned for its addictive shine and nourishing wear, making it an essential addition to any makeup collection. This lip gloss is the ultimate finishing touch to your Fenty Face, offering an irresistible blend of beauty and care with a universal appeal.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty
Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

This new addition to the Gloss Bomb lineup promises explosive shine and a luxurious feel that enhances any makeup look. Designed to leave your lips looking fuller and smoother, the non-sticky formula is enriched with conditioning shea butter, ensuring your lips are both stunning and well-nourished.

Adding to its appeal, the Gloss Bomb features a delightful peach-vanilla scent that makes each application a sensory pleasure. Major Flex, last year’s winning shade, is a shimmering multicolored gunmetal that captures the bold and glamorous spirit of Fenty Beauty. This unique hue stands out, making a statement with every swipe.

Courtesy of Fenty Beauty

Priced at $21, the Gloss Bomb in Major Flex is an example of  Fenty Beauty’s commitment to quality and innovation. It offers a product that not only looks good but feels good too, providing a high-shine finish that is both eye-catching and nourishing. Experience the ultimate in lip gloss with Fenty Beauty’s Gloss Bomb, and let your lips shine with the vibrant energy of Major Flex.


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