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Rabanne Presents Dramalips Glassy Pearly: The Ultimate Lipstick Innovation

Elevate Your Lip Game with Ultra-Pigmented Colors and Stunning Glassy Finish

Courtesy of Rabanne

Experience the latest innovation in lip cosmetics with Rabanne‘s Dramalips Glassy Pearly. This ultra-pigmented lipstick offers a sheer tinted base adorned with suspended pearls, promising a spectacular glassy finish. With a glide-on, addictively creamy texture, Dramalips ensures long-lasting wear of up to 12 hours, all while feeling extremely comfortable and lightweight on the lips.


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Formulated with pomegranate and hyaluronic acid, this vegan lipstick not only delivers immediate hydration but also enhances the lips’ appearance, making them look plumper, smoother, and ultra-glossy. Test results speak volumes, with users experiencing an impressive 350% increase in instant shine and a remarkable 37% boost in lip hydration upon application.

Courtesy of Rabanne

With a diverse range of 14 shades, including 11 highly pigmented and vibrant colors along with 3 ultra-pearly options, Dramalips offers endless possibilities for creating show-stopping looks. Whether you’re craving bold intensity or subtle luminosity, there’s a shade to suit every mood and occasion.

Courtesy of Rabanne

Dramalips isn’t just a lipstick; it’s a statement. 97% of users attest to its highly pigmented, glassy finish, while the smooth texture and glossy appearance have garnered widespread acclaim. Plus, with its hydrating and plumping properties, this lipstick goes beyond mere color, providing a Say goodbye to ordinary lipsticks and embrace the drama, the shine, and the unparalleled glamour of Dramalips.

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  1. Okay, so let’s talk about Rabanne diving into the makeup scene with their Dramalips Glassy Pearly lipstick. I mean, come on, Rabanne is legendary for their fashion, but makeup? After trying their latest lipstick, I think they should seriously reconsider sticking to what they know best.

    First of all, they promise this ultra-pigmented, sheer tinted base with suspended pearls for a glassy finish. Sounds amazing, right? But when I tried it, the texture was more like slathering a layer of weirdly scented gloss with chunky glitter. They said “glide-on, addictively creamy texture”? More like slip-and-slide on my lips with a side of gritty. And long-lasting wear of up to 12 hours – I don’t think so! It barely survived a couple of hours, let alone half a day.

    And okay, they talk up this big game about hydration with pomegranate and hyaluronic acid, claiming it boosts lip hydration by 37% on application. Maybe my lips missed the memo because they felt drier than ever after just an hour of wearing this. Plus, that supposed 350% increase in shine? It felt more like a 350% increase in stickiness. Every time I opened my mouth, it was like peeling apart a glue trap.

    Let’s not ignore the range of shades. Sure, 14 shades sound versatile, but the colors? The pigmentation is so off. The vibrant shades are too loud, looking almost cartoonish, and don’t get me started on the ultra-pearly options – it’s like disco ball remnants on my lips. Not the chic look I was going for.

    Bottom line, Rabanne’s Dramalips might be hyped as a statement piece, but the only statement it’s making is, “I don’t know what I’m doing in the makeup world.” They seriously need to rethink this venture. Stick to the fabulous fashion, Rabanne, because makeup is clearly not your forte. And to my fellow makeup lovers, don’t be swayed by fancy names and big promises – sometimes, these brands just don’t deliver, and Rabanne is a prime example!

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