Cult Gaia’s Candle Collection Takes Home Décor to New Height

From fashion to fragrance: Cult Gaia’s sensational candle debut.

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Cult Gaia, renowned for its artistic flair in fashion, ventures into the world of home decor with the launch of Cult Gaia Candles.


This new collection introduces three scented candles, each bearing a name and fragrance profile inspired by Farsi, resonating deeply with founder Jasmin Larian Hekmat’s Persian heritage.

© Cult Gaia

“Scent, to me, is not only nostalgic but also emotional. The way I feel about products, I feel about scent. It takes me back to a memory. It takes me back to a moment,” shares Jasmin Larian Hekmat, reflecting on the significance of fragrance in her life. “I think scent enhances my memory in a really strong way. I feel like my life is so busy and I don’t often remember so much from my past, however scents really bring me back to where I was in a big way. It’s the fifth layer and enhances every moment.”

The collection’s trio—Mast, Zan, and Noor—come encased in removable and sculpted travertine stone vessels, embodying both elegance and functionality. Once the candle has reached the end of its lifespan, users can easily replace it with a new insert, ensuring sustained enjoyment. Pricing for the vessel and insert begins at $148 USD, with insert refills available at $58 USD.

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Cult Gaia Mast draws inspiration from the Farsi term for ‘intoxicating ecstasy’. It embarks on a journey of bliss, blending sun-ripened Italian bergamot and tropical coconut with the enchanting warmth of sweet Brazilian cumaru. Tangy orange blossom mingles with Haitian vetiver and ambery forest notes, leaving a lingering velvety musk—a true euphoria.

© Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia Zan, paying homage to the Farsi word for ‘woman’, celebrates the force of nature in tribute to Gaia. This fragrance awakens the spirit with luminous white incense firabs, rich ambrox, and grounding sensual captive musks. Guatemalan cardamom, warm cedarwood, and ambrette firabs intertwine, while spicy pink pepper electrifies the air with its intensity—an exhilarating transformation.

Cult Gaia Noor, inspired by the Farsi word for ‘light’, embodies the essence of the sun. Madagascar’s smoky black pepper entwines with hints of French rose and the earthy essence of Haitian vetiver. Lavender’s calming embrace and geranium’s gentle spice lead to a mystical warmth of incense resin—a tantalizing dance of light and shadow.

© Cult Gaia

With Cult Gaia Candles, homes are adorned with exquisite scents and enriched with a touch of cultural heritage and timeless elegance.

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