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The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs

Here are the 6 accessories every man should own rounded up by MMSCENE magazine’s menswear editors:

The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs

Men’s fashion has developed significantly in the last couple of decades, and guys experiment more freely these days.

However, despite your style, there are a few classic accessories that will work for any guy. Whether you’re a businessman in his 50s, a free-spirited student in his 20s or someone who spends most time at the gym, you can’t deny the power of a good watch or the need for a tie sometimes.

Here are the 6 accessories every man should own.

The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs

A watch

Yes, we all have our phones, but wearing a watch, be it a casual one with a canvas band or a luxurious one from Switzerland gives depth to your look.

Also, a watch is essentially jewellery with a purpose. It can be an accent piece you throw on to complement a suit or a deeply meaningful talisman you intend to pass along someday to your son.

An analog watch is also convenient and can be trusted even when the power is out! Take some time to choose one based on your lifestyle and invest a little more than you’d like to. It will serve you well and last years.


Nothing beats a suit-and-tie look, and a proper tie gives a man a refined look. Even if you don’t wear suits often, you still need a tie for those times when you’re invited to a wedding or a job interview.

As a tie can tell a lot about its owner, take some time to pick the designs and colours that reflect your personality best and get a few neutral options.

It’s always better to have 2-3 high-quality ties over ten cheap ones. The best fabrics for a tie are silk, wool, cotton, cashmere, or linen. Lastly, remember that a skinny tie is your friend. Leave the wide ones in the 90s where they belong!

The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs


Technologies allow us to pay with our phones and smartwatches now, but a wallet is still an accessory you need for your driver’s license, credit cards and loose cash.

Opt for a slim wallet that you can carry in your pocket without it getting too bulky and always choose leather or faux-leather. Remember, synthetic fabrics, zippers and velcros are created for kids!

The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs


Nothing looks as bad as old, ratty socks (okay, socks with holes look even worse!). Invest in quality socks and keep updating your drawer once in a couple of months.

Get socks in different colours to pair them with different outfits, and if you like your personality to shine, don’t be afraid to add some pairs with cool designs.

Always buy your socks in specialty stores as the ones you get at the sock aisle in the grocery store are usually of inferior quality. You can also find socks subscription boxes nowadays that you can personalize according to your needs.


A scarf can transform even the simplest looks into incredibly stylish outfits.

Invest in good merino wool or cashmere scarf, and it will keep you warm and make you look like a Ryan Gosling cousin.

Pair it with dark denim trousers, leather boots and a simple, high-quality crew-neck t-shirt.

The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs


No matter where you live, you need sunglasses at least a few weeks a year! They not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays and guard you against wrinkles; they also look pretty cool.

A good pair of sunglasses can instantly elevate your look by adding a stylish touch of mystery to the equation—especially when you opt for the sort of classic design that makes any man look cool and confident.

It’s always best to stick with classic shapes like Ray Bans or pilots. You can search for Ray-Ban sunglasses online, but you want to make sure you find a reputable place to buy them.

And remember, cheap knockoffs are a definite no-no! They look bad and can damage your vision.

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Factory Girl by Dennis Stenild for Elle Denmark February 2021 Issue

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