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  • Sabina Jakubowicz

    Sabina Jakubowicz Stars in Vogue Mexico May 2022 Joyas Cover Story

    The striking Sabina Jakubowicz at XManagement Warsaw poses for Vogue Mexico Magazine‘s May 2022 Jewellery cover story captured by fashion photographer Mateusz Stankiewicz at SameSame Warsaw. In charge of styling was Agnieszka Scibior, assisted by Alicia Barnet, with beauty from makeup artist Magdalena Winska at Art Faces Warsaw. Retouching by Final Touch Postproduction, photo assistance […] More

  • How To Purchase An Engagement Ring You Know They’ll Love

    How To Purchase An Engagement Ring You Know They’ll Love

    After years of dating and failed attempts at cultivating a lasting relationship, you’ve finally found that special someone you want to share your life with. The time has come to ask for their hand in marriage, but finding the perfect engagement ring has proven challenging. Although there’s no shortage of ring types and styles, you […] More

  • Six Engagement Trends To Follow To Help Make Your Big Day Extra Special

    Six Engagement Trends To Follow To Help Make Your Big Day Extra Special

    Engagements can be as stressful as they are exciting. Anyone would want the big day to leave a lasting impression, so going the extra mile to make it extra special is a given. If you’re short on ideas to make your proposal day more memorable than it already is, here are some engagement trends that […] More

  • Buying a Big Diamond Here's What You Need to Know

    Buying a Big Diamond? Here’s What You Need to Know

    Big diamonds have an air of romance and if you want to surprise your partner, you will want to buy them the biggest diamond you can afford. But how will you choose your diamond and – perhaps more importantly – will you be able to get a good-sized diamond for a reasonable price? Let us […] More

  • The Best Royal Engagement Rings Of The 21st Century

    The Best Royal Engagement Rings Of The 21st Century

    When we think of princesses, tiaras, royal weddings, castles and ‘happily ever afters’ our minds always turn to either the annals of history or the animated wonder of the Disney movies. However, there are some bonafide Cinderella stories and modern day princesses that are keeping the dream of royal engagements and weddings alive in the […] More

  • The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs

    The 6 Accessories Every Man Needs

    Men’s fashion has developed significantly in the last couple of decades, and guys experiment more freely these days. However, despite your style, there are a few classic accessories that will work for any guy. Whether you’re a businessman in his 50s, a free-spirited student in his 20s or someone who spends most time at the […] More

  • De Beers

    De Beers + 5 Female Jewelry Designers – ReSet Collective Collection

    De Beers and five female jewelry designers – Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock, Jennie Kwon, Jade Trau and Zoë Chicco, teamed up for ReSet Collective collection, that was inspired by the people, landscape and wildlife of Botswana. The collection pieces, five one-of-a-kind pendants, were auctioned by Sotheby‘s in an online sale, with 100% donation to Stepping […] More

  • Emily Beecham

    Emily Beecham Models Adler Joailliers for The Fall Magazine

    Fashion photographer Fenton Bailey at Tonic Reps captured Little Joe star Emily Beecham for the cover story of The Fall Magazine‘s latest edition. In charge of styling was Josefine Englund, with beauty from hair stylist Sven Bayerbach, and makeup artist Justine Jenkins. For the session English actress models pieces from Adler Joailliers collection. I loved […] More

  • Jewellery Styling Tips: Creating new effects with Your Jewellery

    The right piece of jewellery can help to bring together an entire outfit. More than that, it can help to provide a unifying theme for an entire wardrobe, so that everything you wear will be recognisably a part of your style. But how best to incorporate jewellery into your look? And what might we try […] More

  • When Gifting a Watch is a Good Idea

    You can never go wrong with giving the gift of a classic timepiece. An accessory known to appreciate in value, both financially and emotionally, this premium object can appeal to even the most discerning consumer. Fortunately, Filippo Loreti has designed its products with both top-notch quality and affordability in mind, creating impeccable pieces that will […] More

  • The Most Popular Jewellery Trends Of Today

    Women, in general love experimenting with fashion. We are always trying out new pieces that go best with our body types as well as our skin tones. Be it clothes, makeup, shoes, or even accessories. And in the accessory selection, we have jewelry that adds sparkle to our look. This analogy is evident through a […] More

  • Three Things Celebrities Tend to Splurge Their Money On

    Sometimes it seems we should treat ourselves. We should get the expensive dinner instead of the special. It can be a logical decision with items such as the plush toilet tissue or the good soap. It can be fun and planned out, or simply spur of the moment; a treat-yourself decision. Looking at it from […] More

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