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By Kilian Arabian Nights: Gold Oud, Extreme Oud, Black Oud

by killian oud

By Kilian launches three new versions of the fragrance joining the collection Arabian Nights, initiated in 2009 with Pure Oud. The fragrances have been introduced exclusively at the Harrods Salon de Parfums, and arrive in 50 ml refillable flacons. Gold Oud, Extreme Oud and Black Oud are not the only three editions launched this year. They were preceded by Eternal Oud, in the same flacon form and luxurious outer carton with the upper plate in golden color and Arabic calligraphy engraving.

Gold Oud is a fragrance inspired by the composition of Rose Oud, with a large dose of natural Oud oils from Cambodia. Extreme Oud is a stronger interpretation of Pure Oud with a large dose of natural Oud oils from Cambodia, while Black Oud is enhanced Incense Oud with a strong dose of natural Oud oils from Thailand.

The new fragrances of the collection By Kilian—Gold Oud, Extreme Oud and Black Oud—can be obtained at the price of 320 pounds at Harrods.

Source: Fragrantica

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