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ETRO Rajasthan


ETRO is about to launch a new fragrance named Rajasthan,which will arrive in March 2013. Rajasthan pays hommage to India and arrives in a flacon embellished with cashmere motifs, playing with the intense colors of  bright pink and orange with tiny details in turquoise and purple, in the amount of 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

"Rajasthan, the new fragrance by ETRO suggests heightened nomadic and yearning femininity, the hypnotic dance of eternal desire, a wild gypsy poetry set in a colorful jeweled Maharajaha’s cities which are eternal like the breathing of the earth and the energy of the desert. A poetic and seductive fragrance that suggests an impatient prophecy, the fresh aroma of a winter lemon flower combined with the sweetness of the strong damask rose and the languor of mimosa. The skilled sensuality of amber and white musk are enlivened by a strong pink pepper bite, which gradually gives way to the delicate notes of labdanum which then turn to the magnificence of sweet acacia. A fragrance that promises another summer enclosed in the yellow corollas which are as velvety as talc and as sweet as honey.”  


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