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Givenchy Reve d’Escapade

Givenchy Reve d'Escapade

Givenchy is launching a limited edition fragrance in 2014 –Reve d’Escapade. The fragrance is launched exclusively for airports around the world. The name Reve d’Escapade suggests dreams and reveries of escape and world travel.

Reve d’Escapade is announced as bohemian, romantic and gentle, yet as elegant and as glamorous as the scent of roses. In addition to rose, which flourishes in the composition, making it feminine and strong, there are also sweet peach and Rosendahl wood notes (Lauraceae). The drydown leaves a trail of woods and incense on skin.

It is available as 50 ml Eau de Toilette.

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Retrospection by Aleksandra Kozub & Rafal Kwasniak for Elegant Magazine