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TAMBURINS X Jennie: The Day of Sorceress

Discover the essence of change and ethereal elegance in a bottle.

Courtesy of Tamburins

TAMBURINS, a leader in the luxury fragrance industry, has just introduced its newest perfume campaign, ‘The Day of Sorceress’, featuring the illustrious Jennie. This launch is a landmark moment, blending the intricate artistry of perfumery with inspiring themes of metamorphosis and the pursuit of dreams.


In a campaign video, Jennie embodies a young girl yearning for transformation, mirroring the essence and intention behind TAMBURINS’ latest olfactory creation. This perfume transcends the role of a mere accessory, emerging as a vessel for narrating and experiencing personal tales of evolution and self-discovery.

Courtesy of Instagram @tamburinsofficial

This campaign is more than the introduction of a new fragrance; it’s a celebration of transformation, the boundless possibilities of dreams, and the magnetic charm of Jennie. TAMBURINS, with ‘The Day of Sorceress’, invites you to experience a world reimagined through Jennie’s eyes – a world as mesmerizing and enchanting as the fragrance and the icon herself.

The perfume launches on November 18th at Seongsu store opening, and online on the 20th of Novemeber.


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