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Harry Styles Launches a Fragrance Line

Harry Styles is now set to tantalize the olfactory senses with his debut fragrance collection from his brand, Pleasing.

Courtesy of Pleasing

Harry Styles, renowned for his visual and auditory appeal, now ventures into the fragrance world with his debut collection from Pleasing.


Celebrating this launch, Styles hosted a star-studded event in London, introducing scents like Bright, Hot; Closeness, and Rivulets, each reflecting his unique style. Crafted in partnership with Robertet, a leader in natural and sustainable fragrance production, the fragrances are testament to Pleasing’s commitment to eco-conscious and community-supportive practices, offering an experience that’s as responsible as it is enchanting.

Developed with famed perfumer Jérôme Epinette, these fragrances range from the adventurous Rivulets, with its musk and lemon notes, to the sunny essence of Bright, Hot, inspired by Styles’s ‘Golden’ music video. The packaging mirrors Styles’s dynamic flair, featuring curved bottles.

Courtesy of Pleasing

Bright, Hot captures the essence of a sun-drenched daydream. Its opening notes of plum and tobacco leaves evoke the warmth of a lazy afternoon slipping into a tranquil sleep under the sun’s embrace. The heart of the scent, blending orris butter with marine accord, transports you to a serene seaside escapade, while the base notes of cedarwood, tonka bean absolute, and vanilla absolute from Madagascar, fused with crisp amber, bring a comforting, dreamy close to this olfactory journey.

Courtesy of Pleasing

Rivulets encapsulates the mystery and excitement of an unexpected encounter. Its scent story begins with the playful dance of ambrette seeds, lemon, and black pepper from Madagascar, reminiscent of a fleeting, intriguing interaction with a stranger. The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a white linen accord and poplin blossom, evoking the serene yet exhilarating feeling of drifting through an unfamiliar yet captivating space. The journey concludes with the warm, sensual embrace of ambroxan and skin musk, leaving an enduring impression of a world rediscovered.

Courtesy of Pleasing

Closeness is a poetic ode to the intimate moments of twilight. It begins with a top note trio of Australian pink pepper extract, cardamom, and a clean sheets accord, evoking the warmth and comfort of a lingering day melting into a cool evening. The heart of the scent weaves together orris butter, carrot seed from France, and bamboo, capturing the essence of a tender, tactile connection under the moonlit sky. The fragrance culminates in a base of Indian papyrus, cashmere woods, and salted musk, embodying the deep, sensual tranquility of nightfall.

Following the fragrance launch, Styles will also release a line of knit sweaters on Pleasing’s website from December 1, alongside pop-up shops, including one at London’s Selfridges Corner Shop. Read more on

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