4 Ways for Gents to Choose a New Hairstyle

New Hairstyle

It’s easy for men to get into a rut when it comes to their hair, and have the same style for years without making a change. There comes a time when a man has to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, but how do you make that choice? Here are four ways that gents can do their research and find out what hairstyle is right for them moving forward.

Do Your Research

Magazines, blogs, social media – all of these are great research tools for finding out what’s in style, and your hairstyle should be no different. In the case of social media, Instagram is arguably the best place to find inspiration, as it is entirely based on images. Use the search tool for Hashtags like style, gents’ hair, barbers, etc. and have a look to see if anything matches what you’re looking for. Take a snapshot and store it away until you go and see your barber.

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New Hairstyle

Match Your Style to the Shape of Your Face

Sometimes your choice of hairstyle takes more than finding a picture of a particular style. You also have to take into consideration what hairstyle will suit you, and that could come down to your face shape. There is a science to this. If you have a round face, you should probably steer clear of big fringes or a buzzcut, as this will only serve to make your face look rounder, which isn’t what most gents are looking for. You would be looking to have shorter sides and longer on top, giving the appearance of a slimmer, longer face. Do your research,and you’ll likely make the right choice.

New Hairstyle

Create a Moodboard to Show Your Barber

If you have an exact style in mind, your barber isn’t going to have a tough time giving you what you want. But some gents haven’t got an idea of what they want, which is often why they stick to the same style for years. You could put your trust in the barber to give you a new style, or get creative and give them a few choices of your own.

For example, you could use a moodboard maker and put together a few collages of images that you like with styles you would be happy to have on your own head. You can download and print your moodboard off and take it to your barber, who will then take a look at these images, discuss with you what will work and what won’t, and then get to work. You’ll have a new style and a few extra ideas for your next cut.

Who Are Your Heroes?

Gents aren’t always comfortable admitting that they have certain people whose style they would love to copy, but you can guarantee that every man has somebody in the public eye that has a hairstyle they want for their own. Whether it’s Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds, get these pictures together and take them to their barber. Chances are they’ve done the same cut for many other people.

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