Trending Women’s Haircuts with Donald Scott NYC

Professional hair stylists must select a great set of hair-cutting tools to achieve the results expected by women who are between 35 and 60 years of age. Mature women often select hair styles that have bangs, which cover the forehead. This allows the face to enjoy a pleasant framing while concealing any receding hair lines. Short hair styles are generally popular for women in this age range, and this requires precision cutting. To achieve the desired razolook, the hair stylist must have exceptional tools that perform sharp cuts while allowing the stylist the maximum amount of control. Donald Scott NYC hair stylists use a variety of professional tools, techniques and products to perfect the ideal look for mature women.

Professional-Grad Hair Scissors

Professional hair-cutting scissors are a staple of any salon kit for women’s hair stylists. The ideal professional scissors is made from stainless steel, and it is approximately six inches in length. This is an extremely sharp tool, and it is designed for precision cutting. This enables a high degree of creativity when designing a unique look for the woman. These scissors have an adjustable screw, which allows the woman’s hair stylist to change the tension in order to create different degrees of tightness. This enables the stylist to enjoy a fine degree of control.

Hair Thinning Shears

The professional thinning shear is a precision tool that has a variety of unique features for thinning the hair section prior to performing the cut. This is a unique tool that is around six inches long with stainless steel blades. The top blade features over 20 teeth, which allow precision thinning. The handles are ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue when the stylist expects to put in long hours. This unique salon tool for women’s hair designs is also knows for its ability to retain a fine, sharp edge for years.

Customized Shears and Accessory Tools

Shark fin shears are designed to provide hair stylists with customized instruments that reduce hand fatigue while improving accuracy. These professional instruments have finger-fitting systems, which allow stylists to adjust the shear to fit the unique shape and angles of their hands. They have removable and adjustable finger guards that allow stylists to achieve the professional look desired by mature women. The convex blades are made from premium-grade Hitachi stainless steel, and these instruments are always forged. Avoiding cast blades is important to achieve total control over the instrument, and forged blades provide exceptional balance and alignment of the blades.

Donald Scott NYC Tools

Cutting and styling women’s hair requires professional products to achieve the fine angles used in designing unique looks for each individual. The tools used by our stylists may depend on the texture of the hair and the skill of the technician. The hair stylists at Donald Scott NYC use only the finest razor hair-cutting instruments for precision and perfection. Our most popular products for hair styling include the following:

• Stainless steel scissors
• Customized shark fin shears
• Hair thinning shears
• Hair razors
• Samurai shears

The hair thinning shears from Donald Scott NYC are often used while layering the hair, which is an excellent choice for women who are dealing with a lot of excessive hair volume. The customized shark fin shears allow precision point cutting to soften the edges of a particular hair style. Mature women require a style that appears professional, elegant and composed; however, softening particular areas around the face can also avoid any sharp, harsh angles. Slicing techniques are effective when using the stainless steel razors, which can layer the tresses of the hair in a way that is elegant and appealing. These techniques are appropriate for layered bob cuts, feathered techniques, short crops and even stylized pixie cuts. Donald Scott’s NYC hair salon can provide the optimal look for your unique needs.

All Images from Beauty Exclusive: Roses are Red, Violets are Purple by Iko Maramo

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