5 Stylish Hair Tricks to Conceal Your Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is something we all suffer from at one time or another – here are few easy tricks to conceal your hair imperfections before nursing it back to health:

5 Stylish Hair Tricks to Conceal Your Damaged Hair

A lot of people love to experiment with their hair. Some would curl it at one point, then straighten it out and bleach it when they get bored with their hairstyle. While there is nothing wrong with changing how your hair looks drastically, frequent exposures to heat and chemicals can damage the strands in the long run.

If you are guilty of abusing your hair for the sake of fashion, you need to give it a rest to let it recuperate using a well researched product and go back to its healthy state again. While doing that, you may find the right hairstyle that can make your damaged hair look great.

Here are several styles that you can choose from so you can still look good while growing your damaged hair.

Low Ponytail

Tying your hair in a ponytail can be the easiest trick to do to hide your split ends. But most of the time, a basic ponytail can get pretty dull if done regularly. To update your look without exposing your damaged hair, do a low ponytail. It can work wonders for your hair since it brings together the ends of your to give it some volume. Give it an upgraded look by creating a bun to hide the ends further and make your hair look thicker.

Wet Look

Another easy way to conceal your damaged hair is to create a wet look. It suits anyone and is very convenient to create. You need to use several natural, organic products like Protective Styles to wash and condition your hair without any harmful chemicals. Then comb your still damp hair back before adding a natural hair gel from the roots to the tips. Lock the moisture by applying some glossy spray. Make sure to look for hairstyling products that do not contain any damaging ingredients to avoid damaging your hair further.

Messy Waves

For limp, straight hair, you can make your locks look thicker while hiding all the damaged hair through messy, loose waves. But veer away from using heating tools to achieve this look. You need to avoid using heated tools like curling irons or blow-dryers if your hair is already damaged. To create messy waves, wrap your wet hair around a hairband or sleep with a braid overnight. You may even use your socks to tie a bun. But the easiest and most straightforward way to create waves on your hair is by using hair rollers.

5 Stylish Hair Tricks to Conceal Your Damaged Hair

Half-Up Bun

One of the most recent trending hairstyles is the half-up bun. Not only does it look good, but it can also help you tuck away your split ends well. This easy-to-make hairstyle requires you to tie the top portion of your hair strands in a bun. Then try to make it a little messy to add some volume. Leave the bottom half of your hair loose to add more style to your hair.

Braided Ponytail

If you have long damaged hair but cannot bear the thought of cutting it, you may choose to have your hair braided in a ponytail. You may either put your back ponytail in a braid or create a one-side braid for a softer, more feminine look. You may also choose to be adventurous by dividing your hair into two equal sections then braid it on both sides.

These are just some of the hairstyling samples that can help you conceal your damaged hair. But if you want a more permanent solution, make sure that you will start taking care of your hair correctly to avoid making it dry and brittle. Keep yourself hydrated all the time to help your hair regain the lost moisture. Most importantly, avoid using products with harsh chemicals to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny, and strong.

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