Waves Give You Wings

There’s nothing like wonderful waves to give your hair the lift it’s been looking for. But without a little work, waves are unlikely to descend upon your cranium. Instead, you’ll have to do a little learning to get the best out of your waves. But once you’ve learned the ropes, you’ll have buoyant perfect waves whenever you want them. There are lots of ways to do waves, but Harry Josh has some tips about how to achieve some of the best ones using John Frieda products.

It’s all about volume, technique, and timing. Luckily, the biggest challenges are volume and timing. The techniques are pretty simple. You’ve got to start with volume. Some of you ladies out there were born with volume. Maybe you even have too much volume! If you are this way, I kind of envy you. I know how to get rid of volume or use it in my favor. But I wasn’t born with much natural buoyancy in this regard. To achieve it, I have to start in the shower. After I wash my hair, I use one of John Frieda’s products to start adding volume before I even reach for the towel. Once my hair is try, there is some leave-in conditioning volumizer that I use.


Then it’s on to the styling. My volumized hair is ready to take some curls. So, like in the Harry Josh video, I section my hair into four sections with clips. Then I add the heat with my regular old curling iron. I brush out the curls into thick waves and clip them off to set and cool. When they’re totally set (just about 10 minutes), I remove the clips, comb once more, and add the volumizing hairspray. From here, I’m ready for a night on the town, or even the red carpet. You’ll love this look, and it can be yours for not much time or money.

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