What To Look For In A Massage Chair Before Buying

Massage Chair

How do you decide which massage chair to buy? What are the must-have features of a massage chair?

In recent years, the use of massage chairs has grown exponentially. People value convenience and time more than ever before, and going to a spa for regular sessions is not always favorable. There is a diverse range of massage chairs, from multiple companies, available in the market. From a few hundred dollars to many thousands, massage chair prices cover a vast range, and it can be challenging to pick the best option within your budget. A massage chair is not something you would replace frequently and hence is an investment that requires considerable thought.

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What To Look For In A Massage Chair Before Buying

Here is a list of the things you should look for in a massage chair before buying:

1. Ergonomic Design

An essential prerequisite for any product to sell is its design. The overall look, feel, and life of the product depend on its design, and it can be the difference between a consumer favorite and trash.

In the case of massage chairs, the most effective way to validate the design is to test how ergonomic it is. If a massage chair is designed to optimize human use and enhance the overall consumer experience, it is worth your money. The more ergonomically a massage chair is developed, the higher the utility you get from using it.

2. Durability and Portability

Buying even a basic massage chair requires spending at least a few hundred dollars. If you were to spend that kind of money, you would want your massage chair to be robust and have a decent useful life. The quality of materials used reflects how durable a massage chair is.

Another vital determinant concerning massage chairs is the size, weight, and portability. Can you fold the massage chair to ensure it saves space? Can you move it from one place to another without much trouble? Premium or full-size massage chairs are not entirely portable, but they are not huge, cumbersome, or ugly either. It’s all about an excellent balance!

3. Maintenance and Ease of Use

A massage chair should be easy to clean and should come equipped with hassle-free maintenance. Massage chairs usage is very frequent (even daily) and hence, need to be maintained well to preserve its life.

Not all of us can boast about being tech-savvy. Massage chairs offer plenty of benefits and immense relaxation; they are a blessing for middle-aged and old-aged people, who may not be well accustomed to technology. A massage chair should be highly user-friendly so that the overall experience of every session is simple and stress-free.

4. Features

The most important factor to consider when buying a massage chair is the features it offers. What are the different kinds of massage techniques you get from your massage chair? What are the recline positions it has to offer?

The essential features of massage chairs are standard in all the products in the market, but does yours have any additional or premium features? To assess which features are the best is subjective as it depends on the varying needs or objectives of prospective consumers.

For someone who wants to buy a massage chair for sheer relaxation, a basic variant which mimics Swedish massage techniques is optimal. For someone who is looking to speed up recovery, a more advanced option with heat therapy, which mimics deep tissue massage, is preferable.

For someone who wants focused relief in the lower back, a zero gravity massage chair is the best bet.

5. Warranty and After-Sale Service

An excellent way to assess if a massage chair gives you the best bang for your buck is to look at the warranty offered by the company. As consumers, we prefer products that come with an extensive warranty. In the case of massage chairs, due to the regular use, having a reasonable warranty period is a big plus.

Companies that provide efficient and timely after-sales services tend to garner loyal and happy consumers. If your massage chair malfunctions or stops working, a quick and effective repair service by the company serves as a significant help.

Warranty and after-sale services serve as the icing on the cake for a good quality massage chair that fits your budget and meets your needs.

To sum it up

Buying a massage chair can be one of the best additions to your lifestyle if you can ascertain which massage chair to buy. A massage chair that has the characteristics mentioned in the list above will be ideal in most scenarios.

How many people will be using the massage chair regularly? What is the primary objective of getting a massage chair? Would you need to move it often? How much are you willing to spend?Answering these questions is vital to eliminate the options not suitable for you.

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