Yes, You Can Use Retail as Therapy Without Going Broke, Here’s How

There is a difference between compulsive shoppers and those who use shopping as truly therapeutic.

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Want to know a secret? There is real data that shows the positive effects of shopping as therapeutic. These studies show that shopping can release happy hormones and improve your mood. It also decreases stress and gives some people good feelings overall. Most people think of shopping therapy in terms of someone who goes into a lot of debt or ends up bankrupt due to spending. There is a difference between compulsive shoppers and those who use shopping as truly therapeutic. In fact, there are plenty of ways you can use shopping therapy if you need a little boost of joy.

Buy New Undergarments

There is something truly therapeutic about buying a new pair of womens underwear or a bra. The truth is that most women probably need to replace something old anyway, so doing a little shopping therapy for something you need can give you just the boost you desire without putting you over budget. The key here is not to go wild, but to be selective about the things you need.

Maybe you’ve lost or gained a little weight and you want something that you can feel confident and sexy in. Perhaps your old undergarments are disintegrating into tatters because you’ve had them for so long. Whatever it is, if you need a little shopping therapy, say goodbye to an old pair of panties so you can say hello to something new.

Go Online Browsing

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and even frustrated can be exhausting. There are plenty of ways to cope with these feelings, but beyond breathing techniques, doing Yoga, and going for a walk, you can also browse for things online. Some people get the same relief by just looking at interesting things from their favorite online retailers as they would shopping IRL.

Browsing at online retailers, even ones you would never shop at gives you a happy feeling overall. Looking at new furniture, checking out what’s new at Calvin Klein, or finding something you love from Pottery Barn can all give you happy feelings that can mitigate those feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Put Something on Hold

Want to go to a store and pick something out without going broke? You may be able to put something on hold. Being intentional about shopping for retail therapy is different than just being a compulsive shopper who just needs to get another fix. And part of it being therapeutic is recognizing how to use it to your advantage.

By picking something you love and placing it on hold, you can, first, ensure it will be there the next day, and second, decide if it’s something you really want, can afford, and will use. For some women, just the act of picking it out and putting it on hold gives all the happy feelings you needed in the first place.

Shop to Help With Hard Transitions

Have you ever moved to a new town and wondered why it feels like you’re always at the store when you first arrive? It’s probably because, subconsciously, you are looking for a way to feel better amidst the transition. While there might be plenty of things you need, like shower curtains and new dishes, when you recognize that you can use shopping to destress as you get your bearings and start your new life, you can be more intentional about it. When you want to see yourself as done moving in and settled, finding the things you want to display when you’re all done can certainly help.

A Few More Thoughts on Shopping Therapy

Not only can shopping for therapy help reduce your blood pressure and lower stress, but it can also improve your self-confidence. Buying an outfit for instance that you look great in can help you get through a tough time when you’re being hard on yourself and your body. Stepping out in a pair of comfortable, but stylish shoes can help you walk a little taller. Picking up a new necklace to do with your favorite dress can leave you feeling great for your next date. There are plenty of ways to use shopping therapy to your benefit. Just don’t go crazy or else you’ll end up with a lot more buyers’ remorse than joy and happiness.


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