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This Year’s Biggest Wedding Dress Trends

The task of choosing the right gown for your nuptials is one that you may understandably feel a little overwhelmed by – after all, you only (or at least hopefully) have one opportunity in your lifetime to choose a wedding dress. Some brides desire something timeless, whereas for others, the latest fashions may be of particular appeal. You could also, of course, combine elements of both, which is why the following list of current wedding dress trends should be of interest to any lady looking to tie the knot soon.

The relaxed, bohemian style

There’s no need to feel too constrained about the aesthetic that you favour for your gown. Grace Loves Lace, for example, has turned many a head with its irresistibly romantic backless dress blending floaty fabric with some risqué side-boob. Further evidence that ‘relaxed’ can also be sophisticated comes in the form of a Pallas design incorporating all manner of enchanting crochet detail.

Cascading shoulder bows

Bridal gowns have long sported eye-catching bows, but it seems that this season’s designers have gone to town on them, to the point that we’re now seeing them streaming down shoulders as far as the floor. They may not exactly be the most practical of features that you could add to your wedding dress this year, but you can be sure of many an admirer gazing at them as you journey down the aisle.

The black and white ‘graphic’ look

An increasing tendency has also been observed by The Telegraph for black ribbons and belts to be used as punctuating features on otherwise “optic white confections”, as was especially evident at Marchesa’s recent bridal show.

Two-piece wedding dresses

If you fancy a gown that’s a bit ‘different’ and edgy for your big day, but which isn’t going to leave any of your guests tutting – quite the opposite, in fact – you may just fall in love with some of the wonderfully comfortable two-pieces that have lately appeared on the market.

New takes on the ‘off-shoulder’ aesthetic

Brides wishing to exude the perfect mix of refinement and sexiness turn, time and time again, to off-shoulder wedding dresses – and why shouldn’t they? After all, there are continually fresh and interesting slants on this old classic, often blending traditional with modern or boho elements.

The ‘Meghan Markle effect’

We couldn’t write a piece about some of the most prominent wedding-dress trends of 2018 without also referencing the now-Duchess of Sussex, who affirmed her reputation as a style queen with an unforgettable bespoke Givenchy dress as she tied the knot with Prince Harry. Nor is the look as unattainable as might be imagined. The Sun even recently reported that a long-sleeve dress directly inspired by the former Suits actor’s gown with its now-iconic ‘boat’ neckline was available from an Etsy seller for £140, although the price appeared to have crept up to £350 by the time of this article being written.

Bridal capes

Heightened demand for capes as a bridal accessory has also been noted in several quarters. This shouldn’t be a great surprise, given that they can be simple and complicated, traditional and modern, casual and formal, with such flexibility enabling them to be added to a wedding dress for little outlay or a lot, depending on budget. Remember that no wedding dress exists in isolation, and that when you are selecting your favoured fashion style, it’s also important to consider how it will look against the backdrop of your venue. Chateau wedding venues such as Château Bouffémont, for instance, provide settings such as refined interiors and manicured French gardens that lend themselves well to more traditional gowns.

However, as mentioned above, it is also vital not to place overly strict limits on the aesthetics that you consider for your gown. This is your special day, so we would urge you to make sure you aren’t left regretting a single decision!

All images from the latest Carolina Herrera Bridal spring 2019 collection – discover the full collection on DESIGN SCENE.


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