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Acne’s are no doubt the most talked about subject in the skincare industry – thus “How To Pop A Spot” has over twenty-two million search engine results. Our Contributing Beauty Writer Juliette Picard explores the topic, while trying to identify the problems but also the solutions to our skin problems.

Check out Juliette’s guide to dealing with spots:


No matter the age more of us are suffering from the skin problems even after our teen years, thus beauty experts are certain we are in the heights of an acne epidemic. Our ever chaotic lifestyle and massive stress levers are taking a tall on our skin. With the pressure of social media to look flawless in any given time, it is no wonder why we are reaching this breaking point. You can get acne or spots literally anywhere on your body, the only area you can count out are the soles of your feet as well as the palms of your hands (phew at least I don’t have to worry about that).  Acne can appear anywhere a hair follicle is placed on your skin. However it’s wrong to think follicles are the cause of your problem, the actual cause are the sebaceous glands which naturally come with them.


The glands are in charge of our skin’s oil and sebum production, this is a natural daily process which is needed to maintain hydration and protection of our skin and thus our body. So what went wrong? Various triggers can initiate the overdrive of the sebum production. In every waking moment our skin is in a process of regeneration, to make this happen skin is continuously shedding dead cells. These dead cells can for one reason or another get caught within the sebum, which then results in inflammatory acne. Just as everywhere bacteria is present, which can cause infection giving you inflammatory spots.

Of course regular showers, washing your face is a must to keep your skin in order, however there are other factors playing part. If you are using makeup like so many of us, make sure your makeup brushes are kept regularly cleaned. A lazy makeup routine – not keeping your makeup kit clean can cause bacterial infections of your skin, and yes there is a common misconception you are out of the woods with acne after your teens. Brushes are an affordable item, so make sure you regularly get new ones. To note again acne can happen at any age, and as we are to find out on every part of the body, besides those palms and soles I mentioned earlier. I am still relieved about that part!


Let’s define the sheer variety of the dreaded spots – since the red bumps on your cheeks are no doubt quite different from that nasty pimple on your back or the annoying black dots taking over your nose. Once you find out who exactly is your enemy it all gets easier!


It is a common misconception what actually makes these spots dark, it is not the actual content of the spot! What makes them dark is the oxidization naturally progressing once the blackheads get in contact with air. With whiteheads the technicality of it all is quite the opposite, the process signalizes dead skin and oil is actually trapped under a thin layer of your skin. Blackheads are more than just popping a zit, as treatment dermatologists are recommending regular retinoids in your skin care routine. Firstly it is important to unclog your pores thus stop clogging from reoccurring. At this stage it is pivotal to find a right product, a product which won’t irritate your skin. Cremes with high dosage of Vitamin A are well recommended.


As we already touched on the subject above, it is time to introduce popules and pustules known as whiteheads. These are a clear sign bacteria is in the game and has moved from non inflammatory to inflammatory stages. These bulging white bumps surrounded by a red base are usually painful to touch. Be certain you are experiencing signs of a local infection and formation of pus is jut a cherry on the cake. Whiteheads are not only to show up on your face, I hope not but they can show up anywhere on your body in various sizes.


Dermatologists recommend treatment with salicylic acid as we all as benzoyl preoxide. In both cases products containing them are well known to reduce oil and exfoliate the clogged pores.

The most painful of whiteheads are cysts and nodules, categorized as the most sever acne. These inflammations are hidden deep within our skin, and are known as cystic acne. They are very often painful when touched and are so deep trying to pop that acne will lead to nothing expressed out of them. If you are certain you have this type of acne instead of trying to pop them yourself and only scarring yourself, immediately schedule a visit with a professional dermatologist.


As I already noted a few times, face is not the only problematic area when it comes to acne. Our body, back and bum also take part in this acne game, which is cause by often higher percentage of the sebaceous glands. Back acne pops up thanks to pores over-saturated with oil and dead skin. However bottom acne is usually caused bu infection around hair follicles, resulting from irritation (depilation or a shave) or irritation. If you are working out, do not skip that post gym shower, also having anti bacterial wipes at hand can help you prevent such problems.

Finally, treatments on the market are various from affordable to expensive cosmetic product to even LED lights created to prevent acne. Whatever you do, if you are suffering from any of the above acne problems waste no time and develop a strategy how to fight them. Fingers crossed, with dedication at hand I am sure you’ll win!

Words by Beauty SCENE Contributing Beauty Writer Juliette Picard. All images from BEAUTY SCENE EXCLUSIVE starring Emily Butcher by Seb Winter – discover the full shoot.

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