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Sensual Expression of Inner Emotions: Byredo Liquid Lipstick Matte

With Liquid Lipstick Matte, Byredo embraces high-pigmentation and sensorial beauty in makeup

Byredo Liquid Lipstick Matte
Byredo Liquid Lipstick Matte

Byredo, in collaboration with Lucia Pica, introduces the Liquid Lipstick Matte collection, reimagining matte lipstick as a sensorial second skin that expresses the inner emotions through the haptic sense of touch. This collection of liquid lipsticks is a manifestation of mutable and sensual beauty, where the intimate connection between the inner life and outer expression is captured.

The collection features 10 high-pigmentation tones, ranging from light to dark, each designed to invoke the power of making a mark and announcing the inner self through lip color. Shades such as “Muted Cry,” a fleshy reality tone, rich rosewoods and browns like “Space In Between” and “Calmer,” vivid and intense reds including “Red Coma” and “Fire Grace,” and the deep burgundy of “Marriage,” offer a diverse palette to suit various moods and styles.

Byredo Liquid Lipstick Matte
Courtesy of ©BYREDO

The Liquid Lipstick Matte embodies strength of purpose and experience, aiming for lasting impact and durability both in the product’s performance and the wearer’s presence. The formula seamlessly becomes a part of the person throughout the day, offering a purposely blurred, velvet-like texture that lives and flows with the wearer. This creamy vegan formulation allows the makeup to meld with the body, becoming a personal signature that enhances the individual’s unique beauty.

There is a confidence in the choice of colour that represents you, that has an impact and leaves a memory of you. It becomes part of you. These colours have a roundness and mutability that adapts to you. They express and amplify who you are. There is an intimacy between texture and emotion. There is the expression and amplification of who you are and how you make a mark. – Lucia Pica, Creative Image and Makeup Partner

Ease of application is a key feature of the Liquid Lipstick Matte. The sharp, lightly flocked wand delivers color saturation in one stroke, providing instinctive ease and precision. This attention to detail ensures that each application is a transformative experience, allowing the wearer to effortlessly express their inner world through the art of makeup.

The Byredo Liquid Lipstick Matte collection is a celebration of individuality and expression. The collection invites wearers to embrace their inner emotions and convey them outwardly through the intimate and sensual experience of wearing matte lipstick as a second skin.

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