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Forest Whispers: The Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann Limited Collection”

Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann release a limited collection crafting a sensory haven with their unique blends:

Susanne Kaufmann
Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann collaboration is now available globally – photo courtesy of the brand

In a world that constantly seeks out connections that delight the senses, the beauty industry finds itself fostering a significant alliance. Byredo, an established player in the world of fragrances, has come together with Susanne Kaufmann, a beacon of natural beauty, to weave a story that intertwines the realms of skincare and fragrance. A serendipitous meeting in a Parisian restaurant blossomed into a collaboration that fuses the foundational philosophies of both brands into a limited-edition collection that promises an elevated sensory experience. Released in late summer, the collaboration is still making waves for Byredo and Kauffmann globally.

Here, we go deeper into this exciting collaboration that embodies the notes of nature and sustainability.

A Meeting of Minds and Crafts

Underneath the vibrant lights of Paris, a casual conversation burgeoned into a potent partnership, uniting the expertise of two stalwarts in the beauty industry. Ben Gorham, with his adept knowledge of crafting evocative fragrances, found a match in Susanne Kaufmann‘s dedication to harnessing the might of nature for efficacious skincare. The duo envisioned a product line that marries the transportive power of scent with the nurturing essence of natural skincare.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a deeply moisturising scented body oil and a roll-on fragrance oil, both bursting with skincare benefits that beckon users into a cocoon of natural luxury and wellness.


A Tribute to Bregenzerwald: The Epitome of Natural Splendour

The collection finds its muse in the picturesque forest region of Bregenzerwald, where Kaufmann’s eponymous skincare line has been blossoming responsibly for over two decades. This haven, nestled in the Austrian Alps, stands as a testament to the harnessing of local Alpine flora’s healing power, which has inspired the evolvement of Kaufmann’s skincare range.

This series, a homage to Bregenzerwald, encapsulates the spirit and freshness of the lush pine trees that adorn the region, crafting a fragrant narrative that transports you straight to the heart of the forest. Here, the blend of antioxidant-rich plant oils sourced locally entwines seamlessly with the gentle notes of jasmine and sweet fig, conjuring an aroma that rejuvenates and soothes the soul.

Sustainability: A Shared Vision

Beyond the memorable fragrances and nurturing oils, the collaboration strikes a chord with its commitment to sustainability. In a bid to bring the consumer closer to nature, the packaging stands as a visual poetry representing the verdant forest meeting the revitalizing blue skies, encapsulating the essence of where “the forest kisses the sky“.

This mutual philosophy of sustainability is vividly showcased in the packaging. Recycled glass bottles, adorned with prints created from sustainable ink, nestle within recycled cardboard cartons, portraying a dedication to eco-conscious production.

The Journey Ahead

As Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann unveiled this limited-edition collection, they invite you on a sensory journey that goes beyond the products themselves. A journey where the traditions and innovations of two industry leaders meet to offer an experience that celebrates the rich connection between skincare and fragrance, wrapped in a mantle of sustainability and a deep respect for nature. The collection is still available online and in select Byredo stores globally. However the brands are not working on a restock.

Embark on this sensorial sojourn with Byredo and Susanne Kaufmann, where each product serves as a bridge, connecting you to the rich, invigorating forests of Bregenzerwald, promising an experience that is as nurturing as it is enchanting.

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