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More than two decades ago we saw the reveal of the 1st makeup ‘primer‘, what it was set to create is the vision of beautiful skin while helping your makeup last longer. This time, we put our sorority hats on and go on a path of discovering the best pre-makeup preparation.

Twenty years ago and numerous primers later, we are still on the search for the one that truly is precious enough to purchase again. So we sat down with one of our regular Makeup Artist gurus to ask her what does the primer exactly do?

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Firstly, come to think of it the core of the problem is the fact there is not one single product designed to solve everything when it comes to our daily makeup routine. Women have for ages relied on the foundation to distinguish and remove (by covering) all the skin problems they detect. What that results in is the creation of a new layer and often a terrible mask like skin on top (the dreaded caked look follows shortly).  However this sort of a solution is very common for women on the west, often in ignorance we are not to blame for, there is no interest in beauty routines on other continents. Women in Asia, known for their immaculate skin, are to work up to 10 steps of skincare before adding just the smallest layer of base.

Makeup Artist Stella Wu said for BEAUTY SCENE she spends more time prepping the skin than on applying the make up. “Preparing the skin before applying the product is the right way to get that natural and evenly placed makeup look” shares Stella. Her routine comes with a long list, it all starts with massaging in cleansing oil, followed by exfoliation, then removing the both with a gentle and warmed up face cloth. Next in line is applying the serum, once again Mrs Wu, says she massages in the serum gently into the skin. Afterwards she heads for cold damp sponges (you could place them in your fridge to lower the temperature), rubbing them slowly over you skin which results in toning down the existing wrinkles while narrowing the pores. The routine is not over yet, a blend of light face oil and serum is then massaged over your face as well as neck and chest. This will result in all of your skin getting an even textured look.

Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – Nude Radiance No.01

But its the crack of dawn and no matter how much you try to go through with the whole routine, you are still late for work! What to do? Thankfully, Stella shared with us a short version as well. While quick it still beats your old skin routine. You do not have to go through this facial process every time you apply makeup, in fact going sans-makeup for a few days a week will benefit you greatly just think of songstress Alicia Keys and her life changing no makeup revolution. First in tow and inevitable is polishing your skin twice a week (ideally), or simply set aside a few minutes a day and do it gently with your cleanser. Bear in mind a clean and smooth surface is to create that perfect canvas before applying makeup. Good choice is Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial or the new Turnaround Daytime Revitilising Moisturizer which also doubles as the essential hydrating day cream, at the same time it will surely give your skin a youthful hydrated look.

Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial

Every now and then you will feel on your own when your skin needs nourishing, that is the moment you should not punish your skin by applying even more makeup over it. Honor your face and do not go into applying the makeup without a good pre-makeup routine. If your skin is calling to be smoothed out, perhaps Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream will be the saving grace sent from heavens. However if your skin is calling for more richness and you are in your late 30s or mid 40s, I would recommend Hydrating Foundation Primer from Laura Mercier, if you are keen to invest some more a good choice is also Chanel’s Base Lumiere Illuminating Makeup Base. These two can be that bit of magic you need for your chronically dry skin, it will null out the toll of stress on your skin. Another good tip battling constantly dry skin, is swapping your favourite night cream for a well balanced and nourished hydrating mask – I know there is never the time but you deserve those 15 minutes. Put the mask on and relax before heading to bed, if that sounds like an order, it’s ’cause it is!

Let’s fast forward to day time, thankfully the makeup industry offers plenty of choices. If your skin is in order and you are ready to get to applying the right product I would recommend trying out Burberry’s Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – the Nude Radiance as well as the 2nd version – Golden Radiance shade are both irresistibly gorgeous. These two from Burberry are to add the always flattering glow but also the honey like nuanced elegance to your skin.

Options are numerous but the difference between sheeny and shiny skin is something you have to fight for. What we are doing here is often fighting the biology and the way our skin is built to function. The parts of our face which we would prefer to be matter are naturally more shiny and oily – such as the nose, chin and our forehead. When it comes to brow bones and cheekbones, they are often dry and boring looking, while we would love for them to have that inviting glow. Naturally we are all constantly seeking for that radiant glow, what is to make your skin look glamorous and healthy is the proper application of a solid mattifier. Trying out Dior‘s Pore Minimizer is my recommendation, however if you are on the look for a more affordable option something like Maybelline’s Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser is a solid choice, it also fits neatly in your bag.

Text by Katarina Djoric, D’SCENE Editor. Photo Igor Cvoro, Makeup Artist Jovana Vukosavljevic, model Marina at FOX Fashion Agency. 

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