MAC Revives Disney Favorites for 40th Anniversary

Maleficent’s Mystique: Dark Glamour Reigns Again

Courtesy of MAC

MAC cosmetics has a storied history of collaborations that have left an enduring mark on the beauty industry. Among these partnerships, Disney stands out as a lasting favorite, captivating makeup enthusiasts with its iconic characters and timeless stories. With MAC’s 40th anniversary on the horizon, the brand is reintroducing some of its most beloved collaborations, including those inspired by Disney‘s Cinderella, Maleficent and Aladdin.

Courtesy of MAC

The Cinderella collection, released in conjunction with Disney’s live-action adaptation in 2015, featured dreamy neutrals and peachy tones fit for royalty. One standout product from this collection is the Stroke of Midnight palette, which evokes the magic of Cinderella’s transformative journey. Another coveted item is the Lustreglass Lipstick in Royal Ball, housed in a stunning pearlescent blue tube reminiscent of Cinderella’s iconic glass slipper.


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In contrast, the Maleficent collection pays homage to the iconic villain from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Released as part of MAC’s collaboration with Disney villains, this collection exudes dark glamour and sophistication. Products like the Lipglass and Amplified lipstick in deep burgundy shades capture Maleficent’s sinister appeal, while the Mineralize eyeshadow features a mesmerizing dual-tone finish reminiscent of her mystical powers.

Courtesy of MAC

MAC‘s Disney collaborations go beyond makeup—they blend art, storytelling, and nostalgia. As the brand marks four decades of creativity, re-releasing its Disney-inspired lines reminds us of makeup’s lasting appeal for self-expression and fantasy.

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