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Summer 2018 beauty takes the natural look to the next level. Work it from your tips to your toes with perfect nails! Our Beauty SCENE Contributing Beauty Writer Juliette Picard writes about her favorite nail products of the summer.Saying goodbye to winter layers and getting ready for spring can be as daunting as it is refreshing. Much as  a lighter brighter , new season refresh appears there’s the (not so) small matter of getting for the ‘the big reveal’ ahead. The cooler months wont did not just affect your hair and skin, but your nails too, leaving them in need of extra care. Therefore with fresh and healthy natural looking beauty of Summer 2018s key trends –  for nails as well as your skin – getting the basics right has never been as important. Begin as you are are about to go on by taking control of your nail care at home with the most expensive products on the shelf, even tho I was on the lookout for the most budget worthy items. From quick daily cuticle care to complete salon like manicures, your nails reserved everything you need to get them in shape for the season ahead. At the same time the special love and care will keep them strong. Healthy and cared for over seasons to come, not just the ongoing summer one.


Nail art has taken a minimalist turn for Summer 2018 – think a single stripe, dot or a flash of colour at the tip accenting a natural base. To aid you keep your in top top shape, treat your nails to a nightly massage with Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil from Sally Hansen – $17.95.


Even the bolderst beauty looks are built on a natural, healthy looking foudnation this season. Balance a flash of colour on eyes or lips with an equally strong nail colour such as limited edition Rich Girls & Po Boys from OPI available only in PRO Opi salon and licensed nail techinicias. Pair it with nail care from OPI.




Want to channel this season’s natural look but concerned your nails have seen one salon manicure too many? Don’t despair Nails Inc. Back To Life Recovery Treatment, $15 at Sephora, is an intensive, overnight treatment that strengthens nails damaged by salon UV light gel (and helps conceal that damage while it does it). Want something to protect fragile nails? Apply to bare nails and under nail tips as a base coat for colour such as a barely there looking polish.

Words by Beauty SCENE Contributing Beauty Writer Juliette Picard. 

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