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Better Options For the Proper Professional Gel Polish Now

Today, girls prefer individuality and diversity in their daily image. The appearance of the beautiful and weak half of humanity depends not only on the style of clothing and additional accessories, but also on the make-up, which every girl has on her balance an arsenal. Girls, choosing nail polish, are mainly guided by fashion trends that are relevant in this season. And this, in principle, is not bad, but how often do you pay attention to the composition of one or another varnish when you put it in the shopping basket? Checking the composition of the varnish is as important as in the process of purchasing food. Improperly selected varnish can adversely affect both beauty and human health, so it’s important to discuss the topic of choosing the right makeup product for you.

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There are three main criteria by which girls are guided when choosing a coating for a manicure. The central criterion is the estimated impression, that is, the appearance of the varnish (its color). It is inclined to a particular choice of varnish as a brand of decorative cosmetics and its pricing policy. Many young ladies do not know that the most important parameter of any coating for nails, which should determine your choice, is its composition. To understand the composition of nail polish for manicure, you first need to find out what types of existing nail polishes are divided into.

What Are The Categories Of Nail Polish For Manicure?

All nail polishes can be divided into two huge families, which are different for their intended purpose: they are decorative means to attract attention (colored varnishes) and protective coatings themselves, which are aimed at the treatment and strengthening of the nail plate (colorless).

Both of these representatives are equally needed by each girl

Some will ensure the beauty of your nails, others – their health. These funds cannot exist without each other for the reason that the colorless fixer is the basis and barrier that protects your nail plate from chemicals contained in the varnish. Therefore, the only and correct way out in this situation is to apply decorative and protective varnish in the complex.

Today’s selection of nail polishes is so wide that it’s impossible for a single girl to try all representatives in her entire life, so everything, as they say, is relative. At the moment, the lacquer industry is how diverse those manufacturers “bribe” their customers not only with a unique color scheme, but also with types of varnishes. Today you can apply a mirror lacquer, tomorrow – magnetic, the day after tomorrow matte, and month later sand. What just does not come up with the nails of each girl was the work of art.

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