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Rouge Bunny Rouge New 2013 Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous

Rouge Bunny Rouge has  launched the new Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous recently.

There’s a place in the Enchanted Garden where plant life is embellished in every way, bequeathed by more than just nature’s hand. Legend tells of an ancient creator who eager to intensify his world, called forth centipedes from deeply rooted trees, flying fish from underwater leaves and from the heart of her hive, the queen of the bees. They carried with them on leg, fin and wing, beads of wax from their natural habitat. Once collected and melted over fiery flame the solution, even if brushed on the tiniest sapling, immediately imbued a burgeoning in all directions, appeasing the creator that his beautifying work was efficiently done. Even now in the Enchanted Garden when fruit or blossom flourishes, it’s whispered only the fabled liquid could have caused transformation in such a marvelously, spellbinding way.

As if you’ve unearthed a long buried bottle of the mythical molten mix, Rouge Bunny Rouge’s UBIQUITOUS Magnitude Mascara enhances lashes
in a pervasive way; separating, lengthening, curvaceously curling, adorning with a sleek, glistening and deeply intense colour.

A special fibre brush imparts maximum volume while the silky formulation ensures a wonderful flexibility and natural feel in wear. Easy to apply and remove this lash plumping mascara ensures an effortless, continuous fluttering of bewitchingly enhanced lashes is yours, devilishly stirring in others feelings of admiration, desire and envy.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Magnitude Mascara Ubiquitous 

This new mascara has an unique formula that includes Silk Protein and ensures wonderful flexibility and natural feel in wear while it restructures and protects your lashes. In combination with the three natural compounds Paraffin Wax, Carnauba Wax and Beeswax it imparts a soft texture for flexibility, volume and superior luminosity. A new fibre brush guarantees enhanced dimension of your lashes – separating, lengthening, curvaceously curling, adorning with a sleek, glistening and deeply intense colour. The perfect mascara for silky, long, fluttery lashes is finally born.

  • Titanian – luminous black
  • Almandine – luminous brown

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