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Shiseido 2013 Tokyo Color Collection


Shiseido has recently launched its 2013 Tokyo Color Collection which features only lip products, in new trendy and vibrant shades.

Lipstick: a gesture that changes how you look, and also how you feel. A gesture as old as time, at the cutting edge of innovation.Balanced today between a long tradition of Japanese precision and elegance, the latest vibrant Tokyo trends and serious scientific innovation, this is an inspiring collection of lipsticks, that makes the most of a woman’s lips. Permanently innovating also in trends and colour (through the 60s, 70s and 80s) Shiseido has played an important role on and off the catwalk. And all over the world.

Perfect Rouge 

Perfect Rouge revisited – a new incarnation of perfection, with new shades, new inimitable textures and a new exquisite pack. Shiseido’s signature lipstick, comes back in an incomparable guise of perfection to offer deep, lustruous, enveloping colour. A rich treat for the lips that offers exceptional creaminess in just one coat, and that keeps them perfectly, brilliantly moisturised – for hours.

  • BE 740 Vision – a modern rose beige, wearable, super chic
  • RS 745 Fantasia – a deep, bruised rose, a dream of wine
  • OR 341 Fleur – an optimistic bright coral shade, fun and sun!
  • RD 346 Bedtime – a warm, romantic rose, subtle and bare
  • PK 307 Tourmaline – clear, soft grey pink, freshness & clarity
  • RS 711 Venetian Rose – deep grey rose, sophisticated & discreet
  • RD 142 Sublime – all about daily glamor, and confident romance
  • RS 320 Fuchsia – brilliant blue pink. Punk or couture?
  • PK 343 Secret – a discreet, quiet peach, subtle and suggestive
  • RD 304 Sweet Pea – fresh, soft red, clear, sweet and floral
  • RD 514 Dragon – dramatic blood red, sexy and intense
  • RS 347 Ballet – an ecstatic, energetic pink, electric, forceful
  • OR 544 Tiger – an aggressive bold orange, it’s tiger!
  • RS 448 Sensation – a dose of bright pink power! It’s all about energy
  • PK 417 Bubblegum – bright warm pink, fun sweet

Laquer Rouge 

Born in Japan, lacque is known for its intensity of colour and its elegant sheen. Lacquer Rouge delivers both in a formula that is as comfortable as it is long-lasting. As simple to apply as a gloss, as colour rich as a stick. Non-sticky.

  • Amethyst
  • Portrait
  • Nymph
  • Camel
  • Camelian
  • Rubelite
  • Disco
  • Blaze
  • Nocturne
  • Sunstone
  • Drama
  • Savage

Shimmering Rouge 

Feather-light luminosity, for dewy, perfectly conditioned lips. Glides on like a sheer and shimmering silk, almost melts onto the mouth. Full sensous lips that seem plumped, are enhanced and conditioned over time. Contains a super bio yeast extract that promotes the production of collagen for a re-juvenated smile.

Available in 20 new shades like but Opel, Sorbet and Venus are my favorite.

Luminizing Lip Gloss 

Exceptionally high-shine, juicy, full lips. A liquid-gel formulation that is abundantly moisturizing and also non-sticky. The high-design brush allows for a generous yet precise application. Can also be worn over lipstick.

  • Cafe Creme
  • Warm
  • Brown Sugar
  • Belini
  • Pop Life
  • Maraschino
  • Cool
  • Sunlight

Smoothing Lip Pencil 

Precision and perfection are enhanced with this smudge-resistant extremely smooth pencil that has its own integrated lip brush.

  • Hazel
  • Coffee Bean
  • Rosewood
  • Tangelo
  • Sakura
  • Siren
  • Chianti
  • Anemone
  • Mohagany
  • Mauve


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