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5 In-Flight Beauty Tricks

Travelling can be really exciting, but it can also be really exhausting. After a long flight, you may feel and look tired, even though you certainly don’t want to.

Do you have a long flight ahead? Do you want to be sure that you can arrive looking rested and beautiful? Then you need to take some steps during your flight to be sure you will look fantastic upon your arrival at your destination. Continue reading for five in-flight beauty tricks to get started. No matter where you are flying, finding affordable tickets is always welcomed, for your next trip check out Turkish Airlines for their latest discounts.

Go Light on the Makeup

Travelling on a long flight with too much makeup will spell disaster for your skin, so go light by switching to a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream. This will allow you to cover up your blemishes and feel confident while also hydrating your skin so that you look refreshed even after you have been on a plane for many hours.


Rejuvenate the Look of Your Hair

To prevent your hair from going limp and to keep an oily scalp at bay during a long flight, rejuvenate your tresses with some hair powder. This will do the same job as a dry shampoo and it is super easy to carry with you even onto the plane so that you can ensure your hair looks fabulous. If you want to keep your hair from turning messy, you can even use a stylish scarf to hold your hair down while looking glamorous and chic.

Use Eye Cream

When you are on a plane, you are less likely to hydrate enough, especially if you are avoiding drinking too much to prevent having to go to the bathroom too many times. But not drinking enough will begin dehydrating your skin. When you combine this with the fact that there is less oxygen on the plane than on the ground, it is definitely a recipe for tired looking, dry skin by the time your trip is over. To counteract this, keep some eye cream handy and dot it around your eyes as needed.

Don’t Forget Your Brow Pencil

Keeping your eyebrows looking perfect is another way to ensure you walk off of the plane looking great, so keep your brow pencil and a small mirror handy. If you end up falling asleep, you may notice that you have to fix your eyebrows so that they look perfect again, and your brow pencil will be absolutely necessary.


Apply Cucumber Eye Pads

Cucumber eye pads are ideal for refreshing your tired eyes after a long flight. Apply them before you land to reduce puffiness and hydrate the skin around your eyes. These soft, pre-moistened pads are the perfect way to bring extra moisture to your face, especially your eye area, which can be extra sensitive to the effects of flying for extended periods of time.

With the tips above in mind, you can have a long flight and still arrive looking and feeling beautiful. Be sure to also check out for stylish suitcases so you can pack all of your other beauty essentials.

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