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Why Is Everyone Shocked by Kendall Jenner’s Unfiltered Skin?

The Backlash and Praise Surrounding Jenner’s Natural Look

Courtey of Vogue ( Why Is Everyone Shocked by Kendall Jenner’s Unfiltered Skin? )

Vogue‘s latest celebrity makeup video featuring Kendall Jenner, titled “Spring French Girl makeup,” has stirred up quite a buzz since its release yesterday. Unlike the usual polished and distant shots, this video offered a closer and more intimate look at Jenner, sparking a frenzy across social media platforms.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan is no stranger to controversy surrounding their image, particularly regarding their use of heavy editing and filtering in photos and on their reality show. Critics have pointed out that these practices can sometimes distort their physical appearance, creating an almost uncanny valley effect. However, this is not unique to the Kardashians; many celebrities rely on a team of professionals to maintain their image, both physically and in terms of public persona.


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The phenomenon of curated celebrity personas is not confined to physical appearance alone but extends to personality and public image as well. Behind-the-scenes glimpses into media training sessions and PR consultations reveal the calculated nature of celebrity branding. This strategic approach to shaping public perception often reinforces the idealized image perpetuated by filters and editing tools.


This trend extends to social media, where filters and editing tools abound. It’s rare to come across unfiltered images, especially from celebrities, leading to a skewed perception of beauty and reality. Seeing Jenner in such an unfiltered state was jarring for many, challenging the constructed image we’ve come to associate with her. In contrast, there has been a TikTok trend that has fostered a counter-cultural movement that celebrates showing off your real skin. Users are increasingly drawn to content that embraces imperfections and rejects the homogenized standards of beauty. This trend reflects a broader societal shift towards valuing individuality and rejecting unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by traditional media.


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Responses to Jenner’s unfiltered appearance have been mixed. Some comments have been critical, suggesting that she looks older or less polished than expected. This reaction reflects the lingering influence of toxic celebrity culture, reminiscent of the tabloid scrutiny of the early 2000s. However, there has also been a wave of positive feedback, with many praising Jenner’s beauty and applauding the glimpse of her skin texture. Whether Jenner’s unfiltered moment marks a genuine shift towards acceptance or simply reflects the latest trend remains to be seen.

Jenner’s video sparks a larger conversation about  representation, and the power dynamics inherent in celebrity culture. As society grapples with these issues, the trajectory of celebrity image and social media culture will continue to evolve, shaped by both technological advancements and shifting societal values.

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  1. Because we only see their fake filtered life and now when nobody cares about them kendall and kardashians just are trying to look more human… dont fall for this 😖

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