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Winter Skin Care Tips for Tropical Babes Travelling to Cold Countries

One of the most exciting ventures a person can take is to explore the different countries and places around the world. For women who are born in the tropics, traveling to a country where one can experience snow can be a truly magical experience. However, in order for them to truly enjoy themselves, they will need to invest in some practical items that will help them adjust to the weather accordingly. Some skin care products like Mizon can do well even in the winter season.

Here are some ways to prepare for a trip from a tropical country to a wintry one.

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1. Invest in hydrating skin care items

Certain skin care products contain ingredients that may work effectively in the tropics but can actually be quite harmful during the winter. Some examples include petroleum-based moisturizers and alcohol-based toners which can worsen your skin throughout your trip. Additionally, if you are using glycolic or salicylic acid cleansers, you might want to stop using them during your time in the winter as it can actually dehydrate your skin further.

Prior to your trip, it may be best to look through your skincare products ingredients to see whether or not they are winter-friendly. When selecting skincare products for your winter wonderland trip, consider investing in skin care brands with hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, non-oil based moisturizing properties, and hyaluronic acid which are gentle but still effective.

2. Bathe in lukewarm water

Many people are under the impression that if you’re going to a cold country then you might as well take advantage of hot showers right? In reality, this notion is wrong and can actually be quite damaging. During the winter, the atmosphere of the area is noticeably drier which does not provide the skin with enough moisture to stay soft. During bath time, hot water can actually draw out more moisture from the skin and make you susceptible to more winter damage. To avoid, excess dryness, bathe in lukewarm water instead and pat your skin gently. Apply moisturizer immediately to lock in water content and to keep your skin soft.

3. Stay hydrated

Cold weather has noticeable drier air compared to tropical weather which means that during your trip, you will need to stay hydrated in order to prevent your skin’s moisture levels from dropping. Aside from applying moisturizer regularly, travelers must also drink plain water regularly to keep you hydrated. Additionally, you should also consume foods with high water content like cucumbers, apples, and celery which can do wonders for your skin’s appearance. For an extra boost, consume food sources with Vitamin C and zinc to ensure healthier and brighter looking skin.

4. Consider using a portable humidifier

Winter air is drier which means that there is not much moisture in the air. Even if you were going to stay in a nice hotel with a great heating system, chances are, most of these appliances will only dry out the air further — making you susceptible to dryness and flaking. For a temporary solution, consider investing in mini humidifiers that come in portable sizes. This helps provide more moisture in the air while also preventing your skin from drying out faster.

5. Apply SPF regularly

People are under the impression that since it’s winter time and it’s relatively cold, there is no need for a person to invest in some SPF protection. In reality, winter sunlight can actually be more drying and damaging to your skin compared to tropical weather. The reason for this is because snow can actually reflect up to 80 percent of the sun’s UV light, making a person get hit by the same rays twice even on cloudy days. This, coupled with harsh winds can wear away sunscreen quickly. To keep your skin safe from harsh UV rays, invest in broad-spectrum SPF and apply it regularly.

6. Invest in weather-appropriate clothing and accessories

Much like tourists investing in cool shirts and clothing options for their tropical vacations, travelers who are thinking of spending their holiday in a relatively cold country should also make careful preparations when deciding on what their daily wear. These include picking the right shoes that prevents slippage, investing in warm and comfortable sweaters, as well as layering it with jackets and scarves when going outside. Additionally, certain parts of our bodies may need extra warmth as well such as our hands and our head which is why gloves and a hat are important.


One can never be too careful when it comes to getting ready to go on a winter adventure. This includes investing in appropriate clothing, skin care products, and handy accessories that ensure you adjust to the cold weather with ease. Remember to also have fun and stay safe when traveling.

Images by Marina Dean-Francis for Beauty SCENE

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